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Services Currently offered by Uncomfortably Dark Horror

Notebook and Pen

360 Editing Services

A 1st Look Editing service

Need help editing? Contact us before sending that query letter out or that first submission! Let our team of authors read your submission first for errors, content and structure. This is a paid service based on word count, with a max fee of $360. We will return your manuscript with suggested changes with regards to grammar, word repetition and sentence structure along with suggestions on how to polish and strengthen your story. Email me for a direct quote.

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360 Editing

Full Circle Editing for the Indie Author

  • Contact us for further details and to schedule a service.

  • References can be provided upon request. 

  • 1/2 of payment is due at time-of-service scheduling. 

  • 14-21 day turn-around time for short stories.

  • 30-60 day turn-around time for 30K-100K words. 

  • Standard jobs will never cost an author more than $360. *

  • *Editing jobs under 100K words. 

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About Uncomfortably Dark

Closed Doors

Ever since childhood, I have wanted to be a writer. I devoured books, inhaled them. Anything that I could get my hands on, the bigger, the better.  I loved the library, the smell of old books, musty leather and parchment, the smell of history and knowledge, fantasy and horror, romance and suspense. I read it all.

By the time I was 12 years old, I was writing short stories and poems full of teen angst and heartbreak. I had fallen hard for Stephen King and read everything I could get my hands on by this amazingly creepy author. I had found my idol and my genre.

I entered a few poetry contests in my teen years, won a few editor's choice awards, but I knew my path wasn't in poetry. That was my stress relief, my emotional outpouring for feelings that I could not verbally express. And honestly, poetry is not as widely read in this day and age, not like it once was. 

But horror now had me in its grasp. That was my future and every short story after became darker and more uncomfortable. I enjoyed the build up and the anticipation of the "horror". I loved feeling the fear deep in my gut when I read horror novels. The suspense of it all. 

As life often does, it got in the way of my plans and enter children, full time jobs and the full time business of living. Writing was put on hold while I went on with life, motherhood and career. I made several attempts to begin writing again, but everywhere I looked, I only saw closed doors. I sighed heavily and put my dreams aside. 

Then in 2019, I found myself writing again, to help a friend with a contest entry. A story we were to co-write, but as time revealed, she never intended to write it with me at all. She was set on getting me to write again.  Four months later, Breach was born. 

This is why we are here now, this is why I exist, doors are opening and the stories locked in my mind are begging to be let out. I am daring to dream again, dear friends, and it's exciting and uncomfortable and it keeps me awake in the dark. 

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About the Creator

Candace Nola

Who am I?  
I am just a normal person, perhaps just like you, only I find life a bit more dark, a bit more disturbing than others do. 
I'm a mom, a friend, a daughter, and a colleague. I work full time. I drive my kids around and I binge watch "Supernatural" when I get the chance. 
I live in Pittsburgh and grew up in a small town. I have a very small circle of friends who would all tell you that I have a giant heart.  I have a very weird sense of humor but rarely smile. 
I've got bruises on my soul and stitches on my heart, just like you, from life's ups and downs. 
But I am a writer, that is where my passion has always been and thanks to a friend, I am writing again. 
Thank you for reading about me, for stopping by and for being in the dark with me.
Most of all, thank you, for opening the door.

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Find me

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