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Author Resources: Welcome



John Watson

John Watson in an indie author and is currently building a review blog and is open to all horror.

Diana Richie

Diana prefers to read dark books. Horror, Extreme Horror, Splatter. She is open to pretty much any kind of horror.  She also enjoys reading bizarro as well. The best way to reach me is through Facebook or IG.
IG: indiebookaddict

Samantha Hawkins

Samantha is open to all genres, but horror is preferred! You can contact her through email or any of her social media accounts. Use the Link tree below to connect.

Jason Nickey

Jason reviews a lot of indie horror and splatterpunk, but also reviews mainstream thrillers and other forms of dark fiction. He also tries to branch out to read from diverse voices as well.

Mike Rankin

Please check out the website/blog. 

Mike reviews all horror but specializes in extreme/splatter/ Bizzaro.  He also has expanded into doing author interviews. Would love to expand and move forward within the genre.

The website is

Joe Ortlieb

Joe reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and gingernuts of horror. He posts his review inks on Twitter and IG.
He enjoys reading horror and extreme horror. 
Triggers: hard time reading things that involve children. Other than that I'm pretty much open for anything.

 Stina Marie

Emphasis on cosmic horror, haunted houses, folk/occult horror, and the underrepresented & marginalized. PHYSICAL ARCs PREFERRED- will consider digital IF it deals with one or more of the above. Extreme, transgressive, subversive okay as long as not gratuitous/exploitative. 


Mother Suspiria



Mother Suspiria


Mother Suspiria

Tasha Schiedel

I enjoy reading all horror. I especially love stories with body horror, eco horror, and creatures. The best way to reach me is through email or Facebook. 



Happy Goat Horror

We review mostly indie horror books, all kinds of books (novels, short story collections, anthologies, comics, etc), and all kinds of horror, so basically anything that fits under the horror umbrella. Anything from the quietest horror that can barely be classed as "horror" to the most extreme, stomach-turning content.




Diversity in Horror

 I only review books that fall into the horror genre and are diverse reads preferably "own voices". This means your book needs to contain a major character, preferably the protagonist, who is BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, or disabled. I also give preference to books written by minority authors. I'll review any kind of horror, but if there's graphic sexual assault, rape, animal abuse or CSA I appreciate if I'm given a warning beforehand. 


Mindy Rose

My name is Mindy, I'm open to reviewing pretty much anything aside from books that deal largely in animal cruelty/violence and books where the main plot point is "this person is fat and that is horrifying and gross."

I review and rate everything I read on Goodreads:

and on Instagram:

and on Twitter:

I'm also a bookseller at B&N so I'm always trying to find new indie horror to try to get on the shelves at my store.

Author Resources: List

Book Cover Designers

Tried and True Cover Designers!

The below list contains just a few of the most highly recommended book cover designers in the business. From Horror to Fantasy and everything in between, someone here can create what you need.

Lynne Hansen Art

Lynne Hansen


Greg Chapman

Rooster Republic Press

Don Noble

Francois Vaillancourt-Illustrations

Francois Vaillancourt


Staci Layne Wilson

The Art of Chris Enterline

Chris Enterline

Red Cape Publishing

Leanne Blakey-Novis

Matt Seff Barnes Designs

Matt Seff Barnes

ElderLemon Designs

Kealan Patrick Burke

AP Fuchs


Wendy Saber Core

Fabled Beast Design

Adrian Medina

Eerie River Publishing

Michelle River

Todd Keisling Book Cover Design

Todd Keisling

Silent Q Design

Mikio Murakami

Author Resources: List

Websites and Resources

For Authors Only

The below sites are designed for authors to help promote their books, collect email addresses from readers to add to a mailing list and to help them set up newsletters:

You will also need a reader magnet, which brings us to the next tool.

A reader magnet is a free book or short story that you can use to offer to readers that sign up on your list.  This can also be the first chapter or two of a novel in order to pull them in and make them want to buy the book to read the rest.  You can use the free program, Calibre, to format a reader magnet. It only takes a few minutes to set up.

Free Booksys- you can place an Ad on here for a targeted promotion that goes to a massive audience of readers that will download your book. Your book must be free for the day of the download. There is also a bargain newsletter they run, that you can place an ad for, and your book has to be on sale, must be $5.00 or less.

Try out this site too, join up as a new author.  Set up a profile page.  Set up a profile page on any free author site that you can. They also have a nice graphic media tool that allows you to create professional Ad's for your books in seconds to post on Instagram or Facebook.

Where to submit?

If you sign up for this newsletter, you will receive emails with lists of open calls from across the writing market. Many writers often cross over into other genre's, don't be afraid to submit to other genres or poetry markets, if you dabble in verse.

Look for Open Calls being posted in the author groups on Facebook. I see calls being posted daily. Take a chance and submit!

Horror Podcasts-submit to the many great horror podcasts out there, such as Creepy, the NoSleep Podcast and Chilling Tales for Dark Nights, just to name a few favorites. Make sure to follow the submission guidelines for each. 

Reviews-How to get them?

Browse the online reviewers, see who is new, send inquiries to see if you can get some new reviewers to review your books. Be sure to browse their site first. Find out what they read and what they do not read. Find out their current backlog and how they prefer to be contacted. Reviewers fill up months in advance; be mindful of this and be patient.   

There should NOT be a charge for a book review, from anyone!  If they say that there is a fee, move on. Paid reviews are NOT ETHICAL REVIEWS. 

Getting reviews takes time, but with proper marketing and promoting, you will get all the reviews you can handle. 

Other things to consider:

  • A re-launch party: get a website up and running, refresh your online presence, and build some hype up around your books. 

  • Try having new covers made; that can go a long way towards refreshing interest.

  • Do cover reveals for the new covers.  

  • Make sure to post your favorite reviews for your books. Let new readers see what your current fans are saying. (Black out the reviewer's name unless you have permission).

  • Get involved in author groups that offer help and insight. There is always room to improve writing skills. 

  • Network! Network! Network!

  • Keep it Professional! YOU are your brand. Everything you say and do online reflects your brand. 

Promoting/Marketing Courses:

David Gaughran Free courses- Great Writer! Tons of free courses about how to promote and market your book. Sign up for his course, sign up for his newsletter.  There is a ton to learn from him and it's mostly all free.

Author Resources: Text
Writing by the Water

Indie Horror Listing Form

Don't see your name? Get added now.

This form is for authors and author services to be added to the Uncomfortably Dark Indie Horror website.

To be listed as an author-you must have at least one standalone novella or novel published and available as well as one online presence. (website-author page-etc.).

For author services-you must have contact information and a website showing rates and services. Services include editing-formatting-covers-reviewing.

Thanks for submitting!

Author Resources: Sales Lead
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