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Beyond the Breach is now available in the Amazon store! Both Kindle and Paperback versions.  2021 has three planned new releases. The first of which is the long-awaited Hank Flynn. Evil has no boundaries.  Stay Tuned for more details.


Hank Flynn

Coming Soon!!

When the Devil comes callin', the town calls on one man...


Beyond the Breach: Battle of the Banshees

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Beyond the Breach finds Laraya once more in the Dark World that she created, with Luka beside her. The Banshees stalk her every step and the protectors are being slaughtered. Can she save them, and save herself before its too late?


Debut Novel

Now Available on Amazon!

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Finished Breach last night...It happened to align with a genre I've always been a fan of, stories of lone survival. The twist involving the whole world being a mirror experience of one incident was definitely unexpected. The key to it all, was the absence of any plodding flashbacks, so we're kept in this strange world from beginning to end, was a good creative choice. Particularly well done was the sense of being set up for a grand finale, for the confrontation with the beasties. Now, get started on another one!

Soren Narnia-Author and Producer of Knifepoint Horror Podcast.

"Breach is about fear. Sheer abject terror faced head on with no warning and no explanation. Breach takes each reader into the darkest recesses of their mind, of their imagination and into a world that their terror alone creates."

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