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Candace Nola

News & Updates!

Candace Nola is an award-winning author, editor, and publisher, most notably of the 2022 Splatterpunk award-winning anthology of the year for The Baker's Dozen.

2021 winner for Novel of the Year for Beyond the Breach.

Her Debut novel placed 2nd for Debut Novel of the Year, for the 2021 Awards. (H.A.G awards)

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Candace Nola

Around the Web!

Between the Reads

Listen to my interview with Audra as we discuss my latest novella, Bishop and all things horror.

The Bleeding Keyboard with Ashley Lister!

Listen in to my discussion with Ashley Lister as we discuss the horror genre, my writing process, and my books.

Livid Comics Lair: John Durgin & Joel VanPatten

John Durgin and Joel VanPatten grill me on all things horror!

Eerie River Publishing

Check out my interview with Eerie River Publishing as we discuss my writing process and all things Hank Flynn!

Sue Rovens-Author Meet & Greet!

Sue Rovens was kind enough to interview me for her site. See the full interview at the link below.

Women in Horror Book Review!

Stacy Layne Wilson was kind enough to request a full book review of "HANK FLYNN" for her Women in Horror site. Check it out below.

Lee Franklin-WiHM Interview

Author Lee Franklin was kind enough to interview me for her website during Women in Horror month.  Click the link below to see the full interview.

Punk Globe Interview

James Carlson was gracious enough to interview me for Punk Globe's 44th Anniversary issue. Check it out at the link below.

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Earth vs The Lava Spiders

1950's B-movie style novella

Tonight’s special features takes place on a quiet Friday night in the small coastal town of Pine Grove. Strange lights appear over Shasta Island and an explosion rocks the beachfront. Fireballs rain down from the sky as lava bubbles from the hidden volcano, unleashing a nightmare of hellfire and blood on the town.

Watch in horror as the Lava Spiders surge across the land, devouring every bit of hot human flesh in their midst! Who will survive the blood frenzy?!

Earth vs The Lava Spiders! One of three 1950’s B-movie style horror stories.

Be sure to check out Earth vs. The Nudist Camp Freaks by Judith Sonnet and Earth vs The Star Mummy by Lucas Mangum!

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Exactly The Wrong Things
exclusive chapbook

by Joseph Monks, Franklin Wales, and Candace Nola

Our tribute to Ed Lee's The Bighead, and books like Triage by Ed Lee, Jack Ketchum, and Richard Laymon! Three stories, one opening scene, one unholy chapbook! 

Approved and endorsed by Ed Lee and Christine Morgan. 

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"Caught between an ancient evil and a man with nothing to lose, a young girl's fate hangs in the balance."

Erin Rogers and her daughter Casey have been missing in the Alaskan wilderness for five days. Troy Spencer is determined to find his sister and niece at any cost. Once there, a local tells Troy about a loner, Bishop, a man shrouded in secrets, who may be his only hope.

As Troy sets out to find the mysterious Bishop, Casey is lost in the woods, alone and frightened, seeking help for her gravely injured mother. But she is not alone. Something ancient stalks these forested trails, something evil that hungers for fresh blood.

The trio soon finds themselves caught in a struggle against time as an ancient rivalry is renewed.

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Hank Flynn


When the Devil comes callin', the town calls on one man...

Hank Flynn is a tormented man. An outcast among humans and condemned to confront evil for as long as he lives. Serving a higher power, Hank wanders alone until he stumbles into Protection, Kansas; mortally wounded and delirious after a demonic encounter, Hank Flynn is desparate for help. 

Wallace Bixby, a local merchant and man of faith, graciously opens his home to the broken stranger. Hank Flynn discovers the meaning of family and community, and the avenging drifter finds peace with Josie Bixby, the young woman who heals his body and his heart. 

The town of Protection is exactly what Hank needs, and the town needs the man with the special talents, who slays demons. He deals out a unique brand of punishment to anything breaking the law, or threatening the people he loves. 

But when the Devil himself comes calling, Hank Flynn must risk everything for the town he now calls home. 

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My Books!: Image

Early Praise for Hank Flynn!

See what other authors & readers are saying!

Author of "Talia" & "Billy Silver"

Cover Quote by Daniel Volpe

"Hank Flynn, by Candace Nola, is 50% Constantine, 50% True Grit and 100% awesome. Nola blends horror, western, romance and religion into a beautiful story about loyalty, redemption, and duty."

Author of "The New Girls' Patient."

Cover Quote by Ruthann Jagge

"A bold paranormal western rich with layers of mythology, Candace Nola reimagines ancient characters in this exciting saga!"

Author of "Nang Tani" & "Berserker-Green Hell"

Quote by Lee Franklin

"A harrowing story of justice and redemption that won't leave your soul unscathed."

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Beyond the Breach: Battle of the Banshees

Available Now on Amazon & Audible!

Beyond the Breach finds Laraya once more in the Dark World that she created, with Luka beside her. The Banshees stalk her every step and the protectors are being slaughtered. Can she save them, and save herself before its too late?

Released December 2020.

Signed copies now available in the shop for $15/ Color Posters $10.00

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Breach-Debut Novel

Available on Amazon & Audible! 

Take a journey through Hell with Laraya Jamison as she finds herself caught in a nightmare world ripped straight from her childhood dreams. Utterly alone and hunted at every turn, can she survive long enough to discover the truth behind the nighmare?

Signed copies and color posters now available in the shop! $15 for signed copies/ $10 for posters. 

New Cover July4.PNG
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Rave Reviews for Breach!

See what authors and readers are saying about Breach below!

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"Breach is about fear. Sheer abject terror faced head on with no warning and no explanation. Breach takes each reader into the darkest recesses of their mind, of their imagination and into a world that their terror alone creates."

From author review

Image by Mikael Kristenson
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"Bringing you the best in horror, one uncomfortably dark page at a time."

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