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Uncomfortably Dark Book Reviews


Books will be scheduled in the order they are requested.  Acceptance of a book is NOT a guarantee of a review. Reviews are still subject to our policy.

*UDH posts limited reviews from Nov. 15 - Jan.15 for personal time for the team. 

We do not read or review romance or erotica of any kind.  We do not read or review any explicit content depicting graphic child rape and/or sexual abuse. 

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Rating System:

3 = Good Solid Read

4 = Great Read, Excellent Writing

5 = Superior to most other reads

Godless Book Reviews

Short Reviews for Shocking Tales

This section will contain our short reviews for the many short but shocking stories on They will not show book covers or contain links for each one. The direct link to is below.

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By Eric Butler

Kiss Me Where It Smells Funny

From Christina's Critiques:

What happens when an urban legend and a bunch of college frat boy rapists come face to face? An absolute blood bath of insanity! Butler always delivers when it comes to folk lore (it’s my favorite from him - Hello, emotional damage of 2021 with Pope Lick Massacre). Oh, and I die in it. EXTRA BONUS. 5 stars!

From The Mort Report:

I know what you’re thinking, but you are totally wrong. There is no dentist chair and laughing gas in this story. Very solid creature feature for the whole, twisted family.

4 Stars

By Matt Micheli


From Christina's Critiques: Who is this author and how can I stalk him for more releases?! Have a trash Mother-in-Law? Hate snow like I do now? Have family secrets that can rip it apart? Like claustrophobic stories? Then friends, this one is for you. I said, “Holy shit”, more than watching a Facebook drama implosion. 5 stars!

By Harrison Phillips


From Christina's Critiques: I’m a fatty. No bones about it. But… I don’t want to be fed, it’s not hot. But this guy and gal in this story do. This one is so uncomfortable from beginning to end. And where he goes with this story… I just, absolutely revolting and I loved it! I’m hunting more down from Harrison because of it. 5 stars! 

By Robert Essig

Tears of a Clown

From The Mort Report: Those damn Halloween clowns ruined it for everybody! I will admit, I found this story good, but not great, until the last two pages.

That pushed it up to a very impressive 4.5 STARS! 

By Matt Scott

Bloodbath at the Blue Cracker Inn

From Christina's Critiques: Valentine’s Day sucks. It sucks even more when your shift has two drunk frat boys, an idiot supervisor, gun toting, trigger happy patrons, and a side of pandemonium. Fast paced short with plenty of blood and gore. 4 stars.

By The Professor

I, The Void

From Candace Nola: Haunting and disturbing, The Professor pens another captivating tale as only he can. Enthralling. 4.5 stars.

By Matthew Vaughn

Mephistopheles Den

From Candace Nola: Bleak and Brutal, Vaughn walks you through a haunted house that you'll never forget. Impactful and well-written. 4 Stars

Chris Miller

The Color of Chaos

When a Dr. Frankenstein knock off causes a ruckus with his experiments, Sam Merchant and and his underage sidekick, Charlie attempt to get to the bottom of the monster’s shenanigans. Can Merchant talk his way our of the man (or men) behind it all? Find out in the latest installment, toots.


Every Woman Knows This

By Laurel Hightower

“Every Woman Knows This” is an experience. It’s a journey through the darkest places of the female mind, heart, body, and soul. A probing quest into her deepest fears and most vulnerable thoughts. The things we cannot voice and are taught not to voice, not to feel, not to speak upon. Laurel brings the rawest parts of female emotion to the surface and demands that you see them, feel them, and acknowledge them. “Every Woman Knows This” is a beautifully written, deeply emotional, artistic accomplishment from Laurel Hightower.
5 stars.

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Strange Little Ghouls

by Wendy Dalrymple

I listened to the Audible version of Strange Little Ghouls and I’m very glad that I did. It was exceptional, both in narration and in content. The stories are widely varied, unique in their voice, and emotional in their telling. This is the first time I have read and/or heard anything by Wendy and it will not be the last.
4 stars.

IMG-1473 (1).jpg
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They Mostly Come at Night

By Wesley Southard

This new collection from Wesley Southard is a shining example as to why he is one of horror’s rising stars. With everything from short, shocking bites of terror to bone-chilling, haunting and disturbing, it is exactly what a collection from an author with Wesley’s talent, style and range should be.
5 stars.

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The Wild Dark

By Katherine Silva

Katherine Silva has penned an incredible tale of love, loss, redemption, and the beyond in her story, The Wild Dark. With a unique take on the afterlife, Silva brings the apocalypse to us in the form of long-dead spirits, hideous creatures intent on capturing lost souls, and purgatory on earth.
Raw emotion blends well with intense fear and crushing revelations on every enthralling page.
5 stars.

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