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Sizzling Summer Series

July Brings Hot Haunted Horrors!

Welcome to the Summer Series here at Uncomfortably Dark! The next four months will bring the authors straight to you with their reasons why you need to be reading their new novels, each one chosen to meet the theme for the month! 

Book Reviews will be posted for some selections but this page is for you, the reader, to discover some fun favorites and to hear it from the authors point of view. 

August holds Frightful Fairs & Fun Houses! 

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July Brings Hot Haunted Horrors to those Uncomfortably Dark Nights!

Scroll down for the chosen selections for July, sure to bring you many hot horrifying nights!  Featuring books by Alistair Cross, Tamara Thorne, Thorne & Cross, Sue Rovens and L. Marie Wood!

More to come!


324 Abercorn

by Mark Allan Gunnells

“324 Abercorn is a thrill ride of story, with a sweet love story hidden in the middle.”–Susie Moloney, author of A Dry Spell, The Dwelling, and The Thirteen

Brad Storm doesn’t believe in ghosts, but moving into the house at 324 Abercorn just may change his mind.

Best-selling author Bradley Storm finally has enough money to buy and restore his dream home. Despite 324 Abercorn’s reputation as one of the most haunted houses in America, Bradley isn’t worried. He doesn’t believe in the supernatural. Then strange things begin to happen. Objects no longer where he left them. Phantom noises heard from empty rooms. Shadows glimpsed from the corner of his eye.

Is his house truly haunted, or is there something more sinister happening on the property?

With the help of Bradley’s new boyfriend and a few friends who are just as intrigued with the seemingly inexplicable occurrences surrounding the infamous house, they set out to find the truth of what stalks the halls at 324 Abercorn.


Blackwater Val

by William Gorman

“Blackwater Val is a contemporary horror novel that pays homage to the best work by the masters of the genre. The novel is rich in characterization, plot development, and the action is explosive. With one of the best endings in a horror novel that I’ve read in ages, Blackwater Val has leapt to the top spot in my favorite reads in 2016.” – Tony Tremblay, Horror World.

Something isn’t quite right in the Val.

Richard Franklin has left his Midwestern roots behind to live on the coast of Maine with his family. But in the autumn of the year 2000, he must return to his Illinois birthplace on a sorrowful journey. His wife Michelle has been killed in New England by a hit-and-run driver who is never found, so back home he comes with her cremated remains, to fulfill a final wish and on her birthday scatter her ashes in the park along the river in Blackwater Valley—simply Blackwater Val to locals—the small town where they both grew up and fell in love.

With him he brings his six-year-old daughter Katie who still grieves for her lost mother: Katie, who can sometimes guess who’s going to be on the phone before it rings. Who can stop all the clocks in the house, and break up clouds in the sky with her mind, and heal sicknesses, and who sometimes sees things that aren’t there…people who are no longer alive. All gifts she inherited from her mother.

Only something isn’t quite right in the Val.

Sinkholes are opening up, revealing the plague pits the sleepy hamlet was built over in the 1830s, when malaria and cholera outbreaks ran riot. Mysterious bird and fish die-offs begin to occur, and Katie can see ghosts of the dead gathering all around.

But what she can’t see is the charred, centuries-old malevolence which has been waiting for her, and wants her for its very own. Or the pale Sallow Man who haunts the town’s nighttime streets…or the river witch—another Blackwater Val, of sorts—each of whom will be drawn one by one into the nightmarish bloodletting about to take place.


Belle Vue

by C.S. Alleyne

“I am blown away” by Belle Vue and “am hugely impressed by this novel – it’s ambitious and daring and amazingly imaginative”.  – Jonathan Myerson,  Oscar nominated, Bafta and 4 Time Emmy winner.

Jealousy. Betrayal. Murder. And a hunger for vengeance that spans the centuries…

History student Alex Palmer is thrilled when his girlfriend, Claire Ryan, buys an apartment in Belle Vue Manor, formerly a Victorian lunatic asylum.

But as Alex begins to discover the dark truth about the asylum’s past, he, Claire, and their friend Marianne find themselves on a nightmarish journey. Each will face the deadly consequences of the evil that began with the construction of the first Belle Vue Manor by an aristocratic French émigré in 1789, as well as the cruelty and satanic practices that continued when it became an asylum for the insane.

As the two strands—past and present—unfold, Alex uncovers a supernatural mystery where revenge is paramount and innocence irrelevant—without being aware of the price he, and those around him, will pay.


The Ghost Club

by William Meikle

Meikle playfully manipulates multiple styles, has sly references to real stories and has created a work which comes across as genuinely authentic. – GINGER NUTS OF HORROR.

These are their stories, containing tales of revenant loved ones, lost cities, weird science, spectral appearances and mysteries in the fog of the old city, all told by some of the foremost writers of the day.

Here you’ll find Verne and Wells, Tolstoy and Checkov, Stevenson and Oliphant, Kipling, Twain, Haggard and Blavatsky alongside their hosts.

Come, join us for dinner and a story:

Robert Louis Stevenson – Wee Davie Makes a Friend/

Rudyard Kipling – The High Bungalow/ Leo Tolstoy – The Immortal Memory/

Bram Stoker – The House of the Dead/ Mark Twain – Once a Jackass

Herbert George Wells – Farside/ Margaret Oliphant – To the Manor Born

Oscar Wilde – The Angry Ghost/ Henry Rider Haggard – The Black Ziggurat

Helena P Blavatsky – Born of Ether/ Henry James – The Scrimshaw Set

Anton Checkov – At the Molenzki Junction/ Jules Verne – To the Moon and Beyond

Arthur Conan Doyle – The Curious Affair on the Embankment


Track 9

by Sue Rovens

About Track 9:

After a catastrophic railway accident leaves a trail of carnage and devastation in its wake, the small train station in Rain, Germany is shuttered. Six months later, Gary and Grace Wolf, returning home after their belated honeymoon, find themselves trapped inside the now defunct terminal. What they discover within its walls leads them to make harrowing decisions. What they learn about each other pushes them to the brink of disaster.

Back in Bloomington, Illinois, their best friends, Mike and Sarah Waverly, await their return. A few hours before the plane is scheduled to land, Mike becomes tormented by troubling premonitions concerning Gary and Grace. Driven to find out the truth, Mike finds himself battling mysterious and inexplicable obstacles that plunge him into his own personal hell.

Everyone’s fate hangs in a precarious balance as the clock runs out.

What the author says:

Track 9 is a tightly written tale of suspense which is woven with horror. When I was in Germany (for 8 days, years ago), I was impressed with the enormity of the train stations. The size, the overwhelming feeling - it gave me a real sense of the possibility of a ghostly, haunted presence. Track 9 is a ghost story, a thriller, and a tale about flawed people who are pushed to their limits. While there isn't excessive gore or splatter, the violence which does exist is there for a reason. I believe readers who like psychological horror, quick reads, and/or spooky stories are going to dig this one.

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Review of Track 9

by Sue Rovens

“Track 9” is a hauntingly good story that takes place in Rain, Germany. The aftermath of a tragic train accident causes nothing but problems for the small town of Rain. All efforts to repair, reopen or memorialize the small train station have failed and it sits abandoned and shut off while the town decides what to do. 

Gary and Grace Wolf are on a belated honeymoon when they mistakenly find themselves at the closed down station housing Track 9.  Not realizing the building is closed down, Gary forces his way inside believing they are late for their train. His wife follows close behind with a nagging feeling of dread in her stomach the whole time. They are supposed to be catching their flight home where Gary’s best friend, Mike and his Sarah, are to pick them up from the airport 

Further investigation of the train station reveals no other way out and their original way in is now tightly shut. It is at this point that they realize the station is completely empty and covered in dirt and dust. No open shops, no tourists, no workers. Just them and the train. In a panic, they begin looking for alternative ways out while trying to maintain their tempers. 

Meanwhile, Mike is becoming increasingly upset as he begins to experience disturbing visions and hallucinations. He begins to become more agitated and concerned for his friend Gary. As the next 24 hours unfold, both couples find their sanity and their lives unraveling. 

This is a long, immersive read with a simplistic approach. I loved the haunting atmosphere and I found the setting of an abandoned train station greatly appealing.  Four solid stars for Track 9. 


The Ravencrest Saga

by Thorne & Cross

"The Ghosts of Ravencrest delivers on every level. Delicate, creepy, detailed, and beautifully crafted, this reinvention of the gothic ghost story into a sexy, sleek modern chiller is a marvel of suspense and atmosphere. A knockout of a horror yarn!"   -Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author of The Walking Dead books


Ravencrest Manor has always been part of the family. The ancestral home of the Mannings, Ravencrest’s walls have been witness to generations of unimaginable scandal, horror, and depravity. Imported stone by stone from England to northern California in the early 1800s, the manor now houses widower Eric Manning, his children, and his staff. Ravencrest stands alone, holding its memories and ghosts close to its dark heart, casting long, black shadows across its grand lawns, through the surrounding forests, and over the picturesque town of Devilswood, below. 


Ravencrest is the most beautiful thing new governess, Belinda Moorland, has ever seen, but as she learns more about its tangled past of romance and terror, she realizes that beauty has a dark side. Ravencrest is built on secrets, and its inhabitants seem to be keeping plenty of their own - from the handsome English butler, Grant Phister, to the power-mad administrator, Mrs. Heller, to Eric Manning himself, who watches her with dark, fathomless eyes. But Belinda soon realizes that the living who dwell in Ravencrest have nothing on the other inhabitants - the ones who walk the darkened halls by night … the ones who enter her dreams … the ones who are watching … and waiting … 


Who is the man digging in the garden below Belinda’s bedroom window? Who - or what - is watching her from the vents? From ghostly screams, and the clutching bony fingers of death in the indoor pool, to the trio of gliding nuns in the east wing who come at Belinda with black blazing eyes, to the beckoning little girl in the red dress who died more than two centuries ago, Belinda is thrust into a world of waking nightmares where there is no distinction between the living and the dead, and there are no limits to the horrors that await. Witchcraft is afoot at Ravencrest and as unspeakable terrors begin to unfold, Belinda realizes that her beautiful new home is a keeper of tragedy, a collector of souls. And it wants to add her to its collection … 


The Ravencrest Saga was inspired by our love of all things gothic, in particular, Dark Shadows, and Daphne du Maurier’s brilliant novel, Rebecca. We wanted to write a series; not just any old series, but one that would allow us to revel in mysterious ghosts, secret passages, witches, nature spirits, and the demonic -- not to mention murder and romance.  

We wanted a heroine who would evolve in ways she never expected. In The Ghosts of Ravencrest, Belinda learns she can see spirits. In The Witches of Ravencrest, she uses her growing powers to deal with the evil spirit of long-dead Rebecca Dane Manning as a group of local witches goes to war with one of Ravencrest’s residents. In Book 3, Exorcism, Ravencrest is under siege by the spirit of a murderous Manning who turns the estate’s indoor pool into a terrifying Jazz Age nightmare of demonic proportions. Shadowland, Book 4, appears this summer. Here, Belinda will come up against  a dark elemental that threatens the lives of everyone at Ravencrest.

The residents of Ravencrest share their home with all who have lived and died there over the centuries. A few of the living know the secrets of the manor, but they will never tell … unless the dead compel them.



by Tamara Thorne

"Tamara Thorne is the Mistress of Malignant Mansions, the Go-to Gal of the Grand Guignol; and her latest, BRIMSTONE, solidifies her place in the pantheon of modern Gothic storytellers.  With a kaleidoscopic cast of characters, a rich sense of place, and ever mounting suspense, BRIMSTONE brims with chills and thrills.  Highly entertaining and highly recommended!" - Jay Bonansinga, New York Times bestselling author of THE WALKING DEAD series

Family Secrets:

The Brimstone Grand Hotel, owned by reclusive former movie star, Delilah Devine, looms high on Hospital Hill, harboring long-buried family secrets that whisper of unimaginable horrors. Horrors that will echo down through generations. 

Growing Up with Ghosts:

When Delilah’s granddaughter, Holly Tremayne, who has seen ghosts for most of her eleven years, first comes to live in the Brimstone Grand in the summer of 1968, she’s delighted by its majestic western beauty - and its chilling history. But as she settles in, making friends and enemies alike, the nightmares begin. 

Ancient Evil:

Within the walls of the Brimstone Grand, the past has come back to life, and Holly and Delilah are faced with an ancient familial evil that rages just below the old hotel’s serene facade. An evil that won’t rest until it possesses Holly - body, mind, and soul. 

What the author says:

I love coming-of-age stories, and wanted to write one centered on a young girl. In preparation, I spent lots of time soaking up atmosphere in Jerome, Arizona, an old copper mining town known for its ghost stories. Staying at a haunted hotel that was once a hospital proved inspirational and I even mention a few of its real haunts within my tale. Brimstone centers on Holly, an independent eleven-year-old who’s been neglected by her porn star mom, and her arrival at her reclusive grandmother’s hotel. When I first conceived of the idea, my tagline was “Sunset Blvd. Meets the Shining,” but the relationship between Holly and her grandmother grew to become the heart of the book as the two find one another and fight evil familial spirits that stalk the halls of the Brimstone Grand. I love these characters and I love the ghost story.


Sleep Savannah Sleep

by Alistair Cross

“Alistair Cross shows that he is a master storyteller by giving us memorable characters and a twist ending that you’ll never see coming.” – HorrorAddicts

Jason Crandall, recently widowed, is left to raise his young daughter and rebellious teenage son on his own - and the old Victorian in Shadow Springs seems like the perfect place for them to start over. But the cracks in Jason’s new world begin to show when he meets Savannah Sturgess, a beautiful socialite who has half the men in town dancing on tangled strings.

When she goes missing, secrets begin to surface, and Jason becomes ensnared in a dangerous web that leads to murder - and he becomes a likely suspect. But who has the answers that will prove his innocence? The jealous husband who’s hell-bent on destroying him? The local sheriff with an incriminating secret? The blind old woman in the house next door who seems to watch him from the windows? Or perhaps the answers lie in the haunting visions and dreams that have recently begun to consume him. 

Or maybe, Savannah herself is trying to tell him that things aren’t always as they seem - and that sometimes, the dead don’t rest in peace. 

What the author says:

I’m a sucker for spooky little towns, ghost stories, and shocking murder mysteries, so for Sleep Savannah Sleep, I combined all three. I wanted to show the dynamics of a family shattered by tragedy, while exposing the dark underbelly of small-town life. To do this, I moved recent widower, Jason Crandall, and his two children into a creepy old Victorian in the even creepier community of Shadow Springs, California, where he finds himself enmeshed in a deadly scandal that threatens the lives of his family. He soon learns that in Shadow Springs, no one can keep a secret … not even the dead. 


Book Review for

 Sleep Savannah Sleep

By Alistair Cross

This is a gorgeously penned story about a beautiful girl with a tragic past from a small town and the newcomer that befriends her.  Recently widowed, Jason Crandall, is new to Shadow Springs. He has brought his two children in the hopes of a fresh start in a new place. Having bought an old Victorian in town, he begins to set up shop as a massage therapist and sets about coping with the loss of his wife and helping his kids adjust to the same.

Savannah Sturgess is a beautiful young girl with half the town eating out of her hands but there is more to her than meets the eye. Shadow Springs seems to be a nice little town, but it comes with its own set of small-town problems, including jealous husbands, nosy neighbors and more secrets than bodies in the town crypt.

As the story unfolds, Jason becomes hopelessly entangled in a mystery that will rock the town to its core.  Savannah herself becomes the key to the mystery that surrounds him, and she will not let him rest in peace until he unravels the web, a single thread at a time.

I loved every moment of this book. The prose is elegant, and the mystery is deep. Alistair has crafted a perfect blend of mystery, thriller and supernatural all in one book. This was my first book by Alistair and I am very happy to say that it will not be my last.

There is something for everyone in this book, regardless of what genre you read. There is a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, a dose of the supernatural and more drama than you’ll see on a Lifetime movie and all of it elegantly done in Alistair’s superbly poetic style.  You will absolutely want to get this book or the audiobook and then make sure to follow Alistair on Amazon, so you don’t miss any of his new releases.

Five out of Five Stars!!



by Tamara Thorne

“Tamara Thorne has become one of those must-read horror writers. From her strong characters to her unique use of the supernatural, anything she writes entertains as much as it chills.” -Horror World


The infamous Victorian mansion, Baudey House, stands sentinel on California’s rocky coast, casting its long shadow over the sleepy village of Red Cay. Veiled in fog and sinister gloom, Baudey House draws bestselling author David Masters, and his daughter, Amber, into its deadly embrace. Within its walls, David plans to write his ultimate masterpiece of horror.

Scandal and Darkness:

The mansion’s bloody history is David’s inspiration. During its days as a house of ill repute, mass murders and unspeakable acts of torture and depravities were visited upon the inhabitants and their guests by the deranged Christabel Baudey. 

Ghost Stories:

Baudey House is home to many ghosts, including Christabel, who still maintains her tight, torturous hold over the spirits of her victims. It is said that when the sweet scent of night blooming jasmine awakens you and phantom kisses follow, you should run for your life. 

But David Masters doesn’t believe in ghosts. And that’s his first mistake. 

What the authors say:

From the first, I wanted to write a haunted house novel that paid homage to Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, Richard Matheson’s Hell House, and some of the other haunted house novels and movies I grew up loving.  

My editor suggested I add some evil dolls -- at that time, they were hot in the horror market. While I initially cringed at the idea, I did as he suggested, and took it several steps further, pulling out all the tropes; if I had to have evil dolls, I reasoned, why not include all my favorite cliches? As a result, I had an absolute blast writing this book. It’s one of my most successful to this day and has just come out in a 25th anniversary edition that includes an introduction as well as a spanking new foreword by Alistair Cross.



by L. Marie Wood

A man, haunted by a family curse, is taken beyond the limits of his sanity to a realm where he has no control over his actions or his fear. James Adams lived a normal life in a New York suburb before the demons dwelling within him awoke from their slumber to reveal unspeakable horror and prophesize his future – his destiny.

Crescendo is a novel about fate and the lengths we will travel to avoid the inevitable. Set in tranquil Rockland County, New York, this tale of suspense and horror will take listeners on an emotional roller coaster of anger, anxiety, compassion, and indelible fear.

Crescendo cover (1).jpg

June-Sultry Sirens & Vengeful Villains

Scroll down for the June Selections for the Sizzling Summer Series! Make sure to check back as reviews will be added for these as summer flies by! 

Feet in the Ocean


by Thorne & Cross

"A great combination of strong characters that remind me of my V.C. Andrews characters, wonderful creepy twists, and a plot that will recall Mommie Dearest in an original take that shocks and delights at the same time. This is a full blown psychological thriller worth the investment of time and money." - Andrew Neiderman, Author of The Devil's Advocate and the V.C. Andrews novels

A Girl’s Worst Nightmare is Her Mother ...

Priscilla Martin. She’s the diva of Morning Glory Circle and a driving force in the quaint California town of Snapdragon. Overseer of garage sales and neighborhood Christmas decorations, she is widely admired. But few people know the real woman behind the perfectly coiffed hair and Opium perfume.

Family is Forever. And Ever and Ever ...

No one escapes Prissy’s watchful eye. No one that is, except her son, who committed suicide many years ago, and her daughter, Claire, who left home more than a decade past and hasn’t spoken to her since. But now, Priscilla’s daughter and son-in-law have fallen on hard times. Expecting their first child, the couple is forced to move back … And Prissy is there to welcome them home with open arms … and to reclaim her broken family.

The Past Isn’t Always as Bad as You Remember.   Sometimes it’s Worse ...

Claire has terrible memories of her mother, but now it seems Priscilla has mended her ways. When a cache of vile family secrets is uncovered, Claire struggles to determine fact from fiction, and her husband, Jason, begins to wonder who the monster really is. Lives are in danger - and Claire and Jason must face a horrifying truth … a truth that may destroy them … and will forever change their definition of “Mother.” 

What the Authors Say:  

You think you know people, and then you find out -- not so much. That idea was what brought Mother to life.  We’ve all heard so many stories about creepy mothers, from  Norman  Bates’ mom in fiction to Joan Crawford and her hatred of wire hangers in real life, and we love them. A few years ago, we met someone who was not only a hoarder of everything from old cans of soup to the latest fashions from the seventies, but she truly was obsessed with her adult son in extremely unhealthy ways. She was also the kind of woman who liked to watch her guests as they slept … just like the mother in our novel, Mother. The twists and turns in our book only got darker and darker from there. Mother reminds us that the real monsters are human - and sometimes, they’re very, very close to you. We had an absolute blast writing this book and found ourselves cringing regularly throughout.

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The Crimson Corset

by Alastair Cross

“Alistair Cross’ new novel THE CRIMSON CORSET … is taut and elegantly written taking us into the realms where the erotic and the horrific meet. Reminiscent of the work of Sheridan Le Fanu (CARMILLA, UNCLE SILAS) in its hothouse, almost Victorian intensity, it tells a multi-leveled story of misalliance and mixed motives. The language is darkly lyrical, and the tale is compelling. Read it; you'll be glad you did. - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, author of the Saint-Germain Cycle

Welcome to Crimson Cove:

Sheltered by ancient redwoods, nestled in mountains overlooking the California coast, the cozy village of Crimson Cove has it all: sophisticated retreats, fine dining, a beautiful lake, and a notorious nightclub, The Crimson Corset. It seems like a perfect place to relax and get close to nature. But not everything in Crimson Cove is natural.

When Cade Colter moves to town to live with his older brother, he expects it to be peaceful to the point of boredom. But he quickly learns that after the sun sets and the fog rolls in, the little tourist town takes on a whole new kind of life - and death.

Darkness at the Edge of Town

Renowned for its wild parties and history of debauchery, The Crimson Corset looms on the edge of town, inviting patrons to sate their most depraved desires and slake their darkest thirsts. Proprietor Gretchen VanTreese has waited centuries to annihilate the Old World vampires on the other side of town and create a new race - a race that she alone will rule. When she realizes Cade Colter has the key that will unlock her plan, she begins laying an elaborate trap that will put everyone around him in mortal danger. 

Blood Wars

The streets are running red with blood, and as violence and murder ravage the night, Cade must face the darkest forces inside himself, perhaps even abandon his own humanity, in order to protect what he loves.

What the Author had to say: 

The idea of terror existing in beautiful places is part of what inspired this novel. Having grown up in a bucolic little town myself, I know that under the polished surface, dark things lurk, and that even the most innocent have their secrets. But what lurks in the shadows of the cozy village of Crimson Cove is something not quite natural - and it wants blood. Though ideal for tourists and residents by day, this quaint mountain getaway turns murderous when the sun goes down. The Crimson Corset reminds us that sometimes the darkness inside you is the only thing that can save you. 



by Tamara Thorne

“Tamara Thorne has an uncanny knack for combining the outrageous with the shuddery, making for wonderful, scary romps and fun reading.” - Chelsea Quinn Yarbro, author of The Saint-Germain Cycle

Halloween Horrors

Moonfall, the picturesque community nestled in the mountains of Southern California, is a quaint hamlet of antique stores and craft shops run by the dedicated nuns of St. Gertrude’s Home for girls. As autumn fills the air, the townspeople prepare for the festive Halloween Haunt, Moonfall’s most popular tourist attraction. Even a series of unsolved murders over the years hasn’t dimmed Moonfall’s renown. Maybe because anyone who knew anything about them has disappeared.

Now, Sara Hawthorne returns to her hometown… and enters the hallowed halls of St. Gertrude’s where, twelve years before, another woman died a horrible death. In Sara’s old room, distant voices echo in the dark, and the tormented cries of children shatter the moon-kissed night.

But that’s just the beginning, for Sara Hawthorne is about to uncover St. Gertrude’s hellish secret…a secret she’ll carry with her to the grave …

What the Author says: If you like Halloween, hot apple pie, and creepy old orphanages run by even creepier old nuns, Moonfall is the place for you. It was inspired by an editor who hoped I might give him a little payback on the nasty sisters who tortured him in elementary school. I loved that idea, so I set the orphanage in a place based on a mountain village that I visit every fall. Like Moonfall, it knows how to celebrate Halloween with plays, apple pie, and pumpkins. But Moonfall has it beat in the evil nun department. Watch out for the flying gargoyles, too -- they’re  almost as deadly as the nuns.


Dream Reaper

by Alastair Cross

“Dream Reaper is as lush and ethereal as it is visceral and unholy. A demonic horde seeks to swallow up the citizens of Prominence made vulnerable by their weaknesses. Those who take a stand against the evil are emotionally damaged as well; particularly a sheriff who battles his personal demons in a bottle. The author had me rooting for each of them in spite of, or maybe because of their flaws. With masterful pacing, Cross brings a small mystery to a raging boil that threatens every soul in Prominence. His exquisite prose drew me into the story as if I were living it. Highly recommended.”

- QL Pearce, author of the Scary Stories for Sleep-Overs series, and Spine Chillers: Hair-Raising Tales

Angel or Demon?

Naive and heart-stoppingly handsome, he calls himself Alejandro, and Madison O’Riley has no clue what to do with him. As they set out to recover his lost identity, Madison realizes the mysterious man who saved her life harbors deep, otherworldly secrets that will put her in grave danger.

The Devil is in the Details

Gremory Jones has something for everyone, and for a price, he’s willing to make a deal. Walking the streets in top hat and trench coat, he tempts the citizens with mysterious wares from his shiny black briefcase. But buyer beware: All sales are final - and fatal.

A Scorching New Terror Has Come to Town

The townspeople are changing in appalling ways and it's up to Madison - with the help of a psychic, a local priest, and the new chief of police - to help Alejandro unlock his forgotten powers before an unspeakable evil tears apart the fabric of existence ... and costs them their very souls …

What the Author Says: 

It all started with a guy I saw walking down the street near my house one day. He was dressed to the nines, with slicked-back dark hair, and carried a shiny black briefcase in one hand, and a cigarette in a long ebony holder in the other. As I watched him cross the street, I turned to my friend and said, “There goes my next bad guy.” And Gremory Jones, the Reaper of Dreams, was born.

I gave him six demonic acolytes, put him in a little California village near the historic ghost town of Bodie, threw in a cop, a priest, a psychic, and an amnesiac, added a dollop of romance, a pinch of gothic, and shook it well … and so it was that Dream Reaper emerged from the pits of Hell … 


Dream Reaper by Alistair Cross

Book Review

What an outstanding novel!  Alistair Cross continues to shine as one of my new favorite authors. His poetic writing style is full of beautiful imagery and descriptions, full of well-rounded characters of all types that make you love them and hate them and shudder with glee and glory at their deeds, their lives, their sins and their victories. Dream Reaper is a beautifully written tale of terror that leaves you wanting more, even before the story itself is truly over. It pulls you in to its small town and makes you a part of the story. You begin to feel like a neighbor peeking over the fence and asking yourself “just what in the holy hell is going on over there?” I asked myself that very question several times as I peeked over the fence and into the lives that Alistair lays bare for our entertainment.  

The story centers around Madison O’Riley and a gorgeously handsome man who calls himself “Alejandro” clearly suffering from amnesia of some sort. He rescues her during a torrential rainstorm which sends Madison falling from her roof, into her new Koi pond below, only to be saved by the very handsome and very naked stranger.  After she recovers, she sets about trying to help the mysterious stranger recover his identity.  

Within days of his sudden appearance, a new stranger comes to town by the way of Gremory Jones, and he’s something of a wheeler and dealer, selling his wares to tempted townsfolk, but all things come with a price and his price is deadly. New police chief, Nicholas Grayson, arrives in town hoping for a fresh start in a quiet place but little does he know this small town is about to burst at the seams, with blood and terror, on levels that he is quite unable to comprehend.  The small town of Prominence is about to become unhinged, darker than night and more depraved than most of the sinners in Hell.  

I feel like there is much more to be explored in the small town of Prominence and I cannot wait to explore more stories by Alistair Cross.  This story kept my full attention from start to finish, whisked me away to place that I could clearly see in my mind and fully immersed me in the tale.

Five Stars for Dream Reaper.   

Click the link below to buy your copy today!  



by Daniel Volpe

Favorite quote from a reviewer.

Reviewer: Trina Urso-Piccolo

Daniel J. Volpe has outdone himself with Talia. This novel is deeper and darker than Billy Silver and getting to know these characters layer by layer is like peeling an onion.... a dirty, blood-soaked onion.

Synopsis of Talia, by the author

Talia is a brutal, extreme horror story about a young woman trying to make it big for herself in New York City during the early 1990s. Talia finds herself in a small production off-Broadway and is wrapped up with the wrong people. The worst of those ‘wrong’ people, is a sleazy mobster named Mike.

Mike, using intimidation and coercion, pushes Talia into a world of underground pornography. Talia is soon swept up in the life, along with her normal co-star, Simone. Some of the movies are fairly tame, others can be gross, with Mike’s business model focusing on fetish videos. The movies soon turn from gross, to violent, prompting Simone to re-think her role in the industry.

Talia, seeing her friend’s exit from the life, decides she might follow suit, but treachery and betrayal await her.

Left with no other options, Talia turns to a mysterious stranger and his dog to help her. A mysterious stranger with red, glowing eyes.  

Why you should read this violent, sexual filth

Talia is hardcore. Plain and simple. This book pulls no punches and that’s quite evident from the beginning. Yes, there’s sex and violence in this book…a lot of if, but not just randomly. The graphic nature of this book is for a reason and each fluid-covered scene moves the story. Also, if you love a good, bloody revenge tale, this is for you. This book deals with a lot of taboo subjects: exploitation, sex work, drug abuse, violent fetishes, necrophilia, and rape. If any of these may upset you, please avoid this book. If you want to take a journey down a dark path…take my hand.

Author Bio

Daniel J. Volpe is an author of extreme horror and splatterpunk. His love for horror started at a young age when his grandfather unwittingly rented him A Nightmare on Elm Street. His novella, Billy Silver has received praise from many readers and authors alike, including Edward Lee and Dustin LaValley. He can be found on Facebook @ Daniel J. Volpe, Instagram



Talia by Daniel Volpe

Book Review

Daniel Volpe has outdone himself with Talia and simultaneously set the bar even higher for those in his league. The story of Talia, the iconic character from Volpe’s “Billy Silver”, is crafted with the surgical precision of a neurosurgeon wielding his sharpest blade. This origin story, of a young woman with big dreams, a young woman that becomes something more than even she would realize, delivers a twisted tale of gruesome gore, and greed, with absolutely no punches pulled.

Like a champion boxer, dancing around the ring, Volpe delivers Talia’s story through carefully planned uppercuts, gut punches and a jaw-dropping TKO, that will leave readers shook and weak in the knees. I loved every round, every word, every earth-shattering blow.

I honestly don’t know if I’m to be more impressed with the author or the editor, seeing as how the editing was every bit as precise as the story was. Zero filler words exist in this story, zero fluff, just grit, grime, and gore in a sublime tail that pulled me right in and kept me, enthralled and cringing, until the very end.

Talia, is beyond uncomfortably dark, she is a work of art. Five seriously sick stars.