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"Bringing you the best in horror, one uncomfortably dark page at a time."

Ink From My Soul: Image
Image by Ray Dauphinais

Ink From my Soul

Dark Poetic Features by C. Nola

Ink From My Soul: Image
Storm Clouds

Empty Space


There are times like now that I just want to succumb, to the sobs in my soul that just never come. The pain in my chest that crushes my heart, that spreads dark tendrils to the depths of my psyche. That fractured place that never felt like me, as if I came into the world already broken and unsightly.

A constant search for my quiet nirvana, an inner peace, my daily mantra, a quiet contentment that soothes my being, rather than this despair and sadness, that drowns my real feelings.

Choking my emotions before they can bloom, turning joy into grief, confidence to dismay, imposter syndrome that invades every day.

I look in the mirror and loathe what I see, hating the eyes that look back at me. Every inch, every flaw, every mark on my skin, I utterly hate the person within.

I long to shred this cocoon I am in, I beg to feel the sun on my face, to spread new wings and be free of this place.

I long for nirvana, for its beauty, it’s grace. I crave the sunshine upon this cold face. A single tear loses its race, as I step off the ledge into that vast empty space.


Ink From My Soul: Text

Draped in Midnight


Draped in midnight purple, velvet and bruised, silence screams from the broken,
heart beats in erratic whimpers and dreams, unleashed from the chaos and noise, the daily grind, that disguise the void.

The abyss, yawning wide, to consume our misery, the pain that we bare through gritted teeth and broken dreams, feral beasts snarling viscerally.

The savage rise of sobs deep in my lungs, blocking my chest, drowning my air, choking and writhing, mentally broken, beyond all repair.

Heart, bruised in midnight purple, velvet skinned misery, I wither and rot, putrid inside.

Ink From My Soul: Quote


by Candace Nola

Never ending ripples spread 
across the surface 
of the pond 
of despair violently raging in my soul 
Despondent waves of sorrow 
growing black tendrils to latch 
to grasp 
To feel 
To find 
Love that has never been mine. 

A has been 
a wannabe 
a should have been 
memories of pain and love lost 
hauntings that never cease 
invade my thoughts 



feelings that never were 
drown me in the pitch 
The idea that I still miss 
Gray matter inside a meat suit 
birthed by accident 
red tissue, bone and blood 
that were never meant 
To be here upon this earth 
this wretched domain 
full of fear and pain 
Fraught with the cruel, the vile, 
the narcissistic and insane 
Lies shred the innocent 
And push them insane 
Words of men drip like venom 
Acid rain from a cold black sky 
Smooth voices and lustful lies 
Deaf to the cries around them 
As they prey upon innocent 
parted thighs 
Hopeful eyes 
And gasping sighs 
Only to be discarded 
Thrown away garbage 
Broken and used 
Lit fuse begins to spark 
As she gathers herself 
In the dark 
Rage fuels her heaving breast 
Hope gone from an empty heart 
Dark and Soulless creature 
Demon spawn now borne 
Hell itself urges her on 
Love no longer exists within 
Only memories of 
Narcissistic self serving 
Self loathing lies 
Join their ranks 
Climb on in 
Waters fine 
Pipe bombs packed tightly 
In their little rowboat far from shore 
A lit fuse burns in each 
A nuclear war about to rage 
Mankind’s demise 

Ink From My Soul: Text
Entry to Ruakuri cave with spiral stairc


by c.nola 2/7/2021

bone weary ache lingers deep in my soul
daily it grows, every second, hour by hour
threatening soon to swallow me whole
to render me useless, part of the void
leaving my empty shell alone
devoid and unsound
lost in my mind,
my essence weeps and cowers
fearful of life, of love, of hoping to prevail
such things do not happen
when lonely and scared
I ache to return to a life that once was
to the light, to the warmth,
to the love that empowers.
to a desire to heal, if only to feel
whole and complete for a single hour.
an hour to touch what I so deeply yearn
an hour to feel heavenly bliss,
sixty minutes to surrender,
then I will not resist this fate,
this solitude, its isolated years,
alone with my ache, my sadness, my fears.
softly the void beckons, my bones sadly obey
dragging my corpse, fraught with madness, slowly to hell
I do not resist, do not cry or yell,
so lost in my mind, unaware that I fell
into the blackness so thick and so deep
I was already lost before the abyss heard me weep.

Ink From My Soul: Text
Night Sky

Dark Shadows

Written by C. Nola

Dark Shadows invade my light.

Nightmares control my night.

Paralyzed with fear, unable to fight.

Still I lay, wishing to vanish with all my might.

Skeletons lie on my closet floor.

Here lies my innocence, barring the door.

There goes my childhood, joy, no more.

Turn away, leave me in pieces, broken and torn. 

Silence surrounds me, eyes to blurry to see. 

Speech escapes me, but no one takes heed.

Fear is my enemy, as is the night. 

Escape is nowhere in my sight. 

© 2020

Ink From My Soul: Text
burning fiery bird flies on a black back


Written by C. Nola

Born of ashes, Born of dust. 
Born of blood, of rage, of scorn. 
Phoenix rise. Phoenix fly. Phoenix die. 
Cold heartless cruel desolation. 
Child of hatred, Child of war. 
Terrorized soul forced isolation. 
Flames of ice. Hatred borne. 
Phoenix rise. Phoenix dies. 
Ash from flame. Desire wanes. 
Burning wings, glowing brighter. 
Red gold molten fire. 
Slow burn, torrid desire. 
Nuclear rage, mushroom cloud spires. 
Phoenix fly. 
Phoenix cry. 
Tears of fire pouring down. 
Burning out, destroy the ground. 
Phoenix rage. Phoenix splayed. 
Ripped open, beat and bound. 
Phoenix cry. 
Phoenix die. 
From the ashes, embers glow. 
Phoenix still. 
Phoenix grows. 

© 2020

Ink From My Soul: Text


Written by Candace Nola

My light went out last night,

faded into blackness,

shattered by despair and sadness.

One last ember, flickered and burned,

the cause, elusive and unknown. 

One last word from a loved one, now gone. 

One last tear, shed and done. 

Last heartbreak, past mistakes,

Lost hope, innocence and dreams. 

Lost cries and silent screams.

My light went out last night, left my cheeks, fled from my eyes.

Warmth left my heart and soul,

sadness swallowed me, leaving me cold.

My heart, deadened and dark. My soul, cold, no spark.  

My light went out last night, 

left me weeping in the dark. 

Ink From My Soul: Image
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