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New Release !
Fear The Gods!

by Mike Duke


Fear The Gods

By Mike Duke

New novella by Mike Duke follows a young woman on her journey to find out what happened to her brother Adam. A brother she feels responsible for, a brother that lost his way, joined the military, and suffered a horrible accident. A brother that was dealing with a type of chronic pain that very few will ever understand. Adam, being driven by pain, deep physical pain and mental fatigue and anguish as a side effect of that pain, spends years searching for relief, any relief, no matter how unconventional.  

When he meets a fellow vet that also suffered severe injuries but has found an answer for it, Adam embraces it, a bit too enthusiastically. His journal entries go from depressed thoughts expressing his pain and disdain for his therapists to a slew of increasingly manic entries involving extreme nihilistic ideology.  

Morgan is overwhelmed by guilt at leaving Adam alone for so long and letting him suffer in silence, becomes determined to find him and save him from whatever rabbit hole he has stumbled down, and save herself at the same time. Morgan’s journey takes her to a place that she’s never imagined, where she sees things that are just not possible, things that would make any man lose his mind. Where the ties of sibling love and familial bond are tested in the most extreme ways, but if it will be enough, remains to be seen.  

The writing is fast and furious. The scenes are terrifyingly brutal with one hell of an original concept at its core. “Fear The Gods” is available on Amazon now.  


Meet Mike Duke

Author of Fear The Gods.

How long have you been writing? 

 I started writing in high school. A lot of poetry and a few short stories. I wanted to be a writer. I planned on going to college majoring in English Lit with a minor in Journalism. After graduating high school in 1990, and a couple years of college, life kind of happened. I got married, my wife and I had our son Alex, I became a cop, and I ended up not writing anything for years. Somewhere around 2000 or 2001, I started writing poetry again. After getting out of Law Enforcement and beginning work training military in 2006, I decided to revive my writing dreams and give it a solid go. In late 2008 I started working on my novel LOW and eventually got it published through Stitched Smile Publications. 


What made you want to become a writer?

 I was always an avid reader. But after getting into horror and science fiction real heavy in high school, I wanted to be the next Stephen King and William Gibson. I enjoyed creating stories and wanted to make a career out of it. 


Do you only write horror stories or do you cross-over into other genres

 I primarily write horror but often with a strong thriller vibe. I incorporate a good amount of action and suspense into my works and enjoy ratcheting up the tension to ungodly levels. Also, in several of my books, I’ve employed multiple fight scenes or some chase scenes, drawing on my background in martial arts and teaching high speed and tactical driving to military. I enjoy blending science fiction and cosmic elements with my horror, as well. They are my favorite subgenres of horror to personally read and while cosmic horror is flourishing, it’s hard to find quality sci-fi horror, and even more so space horror. 


What was the inspiration behind this story?  

 Fear the Gods was partly inspired by my desire to write a cosmic horror tale which didn’t rely on Lovecraft’s mythos. At the same time, I wanted to write something that embodied the horror of life as we know it IF neo-nihilism were true and applied consistently. There are some people who are willing to take that worldview dead serious, people who don’t believe in ANY moral standard other than might makes right. I wanted to create a story that gave a concrete representation of just how terrifying that could be while keeping it within the cosmic horror sub-genre. 

Also, one of the driving forces behind the concept of infiltrating a cult was a movie calld "The Conspiracy", especially the last twenty minutes. These last few minutes are extremely intense and terrifying if you truly try to put yourself into the main characters shoes. I strongly suggest that readers check this movie out, if they've not seen  it. 


What is your favorite thing about being in the Horror industry? 

 The people. I’ve met many good friends on social media and at the conventions I’ve attended. Horror fans are, in large, a community of generous, accepting people. 


What one piece of advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

 Don’t be so resentful when plans go awry. A good writer needs some life experience. It does wonders for realistic character creation. Oh, and don’t you dare let that future wife of yours get away. 😉


Do you have any other projects in the works that you would like to mention?

 I’ve got two books currently completed that I will be releasing later this year. House of Smarba is supernatural horror and Eye For A Tooth is a brutal coming of age action thriller. Lastly, I’m currently writing a sci-fi cosmic horror trilogy of short novels that should release by end of year as well. (Almost done with book two and will jumping on book three right away.) The series is entitled AMALGAM and it is going to be one helluva ride. Not to mention the cover art by Wendy Sabercore for this series is going to BLOW people away!

Author's Bio:

 Mike was born long ago in a galaxy far far away in a little town called Franklin, VA whose most popular bar used to sell shirts with a map on them that said, “Where in the Hell is Franklin, VA???” He currently lives in Chesapeake, VA. Graduated high school and has attended the School of Hard Knocks ever since. (Can’t seem to pass the final exam and make it into the often sought but rarely found university of “You Deserve a Break”.) 

Mike was a cop for almost 12 years, but the last 14 years he’s been teaching Military, Law Enforcement and Bodyguards high speed, tactical and off-road driving as well as hand to hand Combatives and Blade tactics. He enjoys martial arts and has been a practitioner since 1989 of various styles. Filipino blade arts are his favorite.

Since he was a teenager, he’s loved reading, writing, and watching movies, particularly in the horror and sci-fi genre. He’s also been a prolific reader of theology and has dabbled in philosophy as well. He has a beautiful, smart wife who is amazingly supportive and a son and daughter who are both graduated. His babies now are a German Shepherd named Ziva, a Daddy's girl who loves to play... even when he’s writing, and a Border Collie mix named Joey “The Bandit” who will steal anything and everything he can, even the toys right out of Ziva’s mouth. Mike is a lover of music, as well, and it is an integral part of his writing ritual.

Currently, I have seven novellas published, three novels, and short stories in fourteen different anthologies.

 Ashley’s Tale Trilogy – Ashley’s Tale, Making Jake, and The Initiation (novel)

LOW (novel)

Where the Gods Sleep (novel)

Fear the Gods

Hate Inexorable


The Yuletide Butcher

Warm, Dark Places are Best

Keep an eye out for all five new novels I will be dropping in 2021, starting this summer.


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