Uncomfortably Dark Horror Presents: Art

Haunting Horror for Halloween!

In honor of Halloween, I am featuring two great horror artists for the week. Please scroll below for art by John Kostov and Paul Alan Bierman!

When you finish with that, continue on to get a behind the scene's peek at a local Haunted House created by Donavan Allen of Keystone Horror! 


Art by John Kostov


See John's full bio below and contact him for cover designs or artwork!


John Kostov Designs

My name is John Kostov and I am a cover artist and illustrator. I have always wanted to draw and paint since very young age and I have never stopped. I am a big fan of Horror/ Dark fantasy and Sci-fi and that’s the reason why my art is focused on these genres. Names like King, Koontz, Brandon Sanderson and other great minds helped me a lot when I was starting with my first attempts in art.

I have been creating original covers for authors for about 2 years now and I love it. The saying “Do not judge the book by its cover” is not TRUE AT ALL! The brilliantly done cover sells your story and will always be this way. Once hooked by the cover art the potential reader is already yours! No matter how good your book is it won’t get the attention it deserves if it lacks this significant detail – “The face of your story”.

As an illustrator and cover designer I bet on original illustrations for my projects as I create them with much passion and dedication. I insist that every author gets the quality they came for and the complete satisfaction is a must. In the spare time between commissions I do create available-to-purchase pre-made covers that I list in my private Facebook group: KOSTOV COVER ARTIST. I am currently working on a website.

For custom projects and inquiries, you can contact me: E-mail: kostovdesign111@gmail.com. So, if you, out there, are in a need of an original book cover that stands out feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss your project. LET’S CREATE SOME ART! 

Email: kostovdesign111@gmail.com 

Instagram: @kostovdesign 

FB: John Kostov 

FB Group: Kostov Cover Artist  



Art by John Kostov


The Knight

Art By John Kostov

JK Pic_lastgirls.jpg

Last Girls Book Cover

Art By John Kostov



Art by John Kostov


Winged Beast

Art by John Kostov


Designs by Paul Alan Bierman

Zombie Baby 1 

Check out Paul's full bio below and his nursery full of creepy Zombie babies!


Paul Alan Bierman

Zombie Babies

I am Paul Alan Bierman and live in the Memphis area.  I was a decoupage artist for 25 years (the artist formerly known as BoxBoy) and started making zombie babies as a Halloween project a couple of months ago.  It grew into a healthy passion and I absolutely love it! 

Best place to find my work is Creepycrafters.com (Nekked & Unafraid shop).  Three pages of zombie dolls and Day of the Dead glassware.  Also on Etsy.com (Nekked & Unafraid).  Prices range from about $22-$60 (free shipping)!  The featured babies are $43.95. 

Best method of contact is FB Messenger (Paul Alan) or email, boxboypab@aol.com


Zombie Baby 2

Design by Paul Alan Bierman


Zombie Baby 3

Design by Paul Alan Bierman


Zombie Baby 4

Design by Paul Alan Bierman

House in the Woods

Keystone Horror's Haunted Escape House!

Check out below to see how Donavan Allen of the Keystone Horror podcast creates a haunted escape house for his friends each October!

Meet Donavan Allen. He is the creator of the Keystone Horror podcast and the brain behind the creation of this Haunted Escape House event that he puts on each year for his friends and family. I cannot imagine the enormous amount of work that goes into such a project, all while writing and recording for the podcast! Read on for a peek behind the scenes!

From Donavan:

Each year, within a few weeks of Halloween, a bunch of friends from college and around town get together to participate in this event. It is not open to the public.  It started with my friend, AJ inviting us down for a game closely resembling the game 'Slender'.    We had to go into the barn, the farmhouse and a few chicken coops and garages to gather notes.  During our adventure, there was a creature stalking the grounds attempting to come after you if it saw you.  You had to hide behind doors, under beds, or wherever you could fit to avoid being found. That's how it started.

Since then, I've been the main director behind what I call an 'escape house'.   

The order of the night goes like this: 

The group receives a strange old looking letter with a wax seal on it.  Enclosed are instructions for how to get into the house, as well as a story outlining the dark spirit that is currently inside. There are tips for hiding or ways to slow the spirit as well.  

The group is then either going on a scavenger hunt around local areas learning about its history while finding items like headlamps to help them inside or giving them a riddle to solve to figure out where a key is on the property. 

The group enters the house after following the instructions and has to gather specific items and solve puzzles and find clues to escape. 

The first year was the game based on Slender as a sort of 'Beta Test' to the concept of the game. 

The second year was a Witch that was attracted to noises, but was basically blind, so you could hide in plain sight. There were sound decoys scattered around the house to distract her from finding you.    

The Third year after that was The Butcher, where we had pop cap revolvers with ammo hidden in the house to find so you could 'shoot' him and slow him down.  If you were caught, you were handcuffed to the butcher block in the basement and needed a friend to help you escape.

This year was the first year I had two teams playing with and against each other. They each had to escape in different ways, but some puzzles required members from each time to complete.  They started handcuffed together in the basement to a large chain and had to figure out how to escape.  The big thing this year was a fuse box that was on most doors. You had to find fuses and put them in the box to light up a light 'unlocking' the door. Meanwhile two spirits called 'the shades' (see picture) roamed the house. Things they did this year, affected next year's game for information and tools they can have. 

The best scares: 

The best thing in the house is the atmosphere.  The house hasn't had anyone living in it since 1986, and still has all the old furniture and appliances, giving it a creepy abandoned feel.  

The spirit that haunts the house coming out of nowhere is usually what scares people the most. Sometimes the spirit will hide in a corner and not move until someone comes near, and then turns on their light and begins moving towards the group.  

We put 95DB home alarms in some boxes to scare the group from opening them. That really got them. 

There are mannequins made from PVC and foam that 'move around the house'. The group of mannequins started in a circle around the bloody Jesus with chains until the group opened the room with them in it. The mannequins began moving after that.  Occasionally, one of us will put a white sheet on and stand still, blending in and scaring the crap out of whoever gets too close. 

The people that make the night possible are AJ and I. His parents own the property and allow us inside.  I come up with most of the mechanics, puzzles and ideas, and we both create the props and items required, we usually switch off being the spirit during the night to give the other a break, as the event can last anywhere from 2-3 hours.  It lasted 5 hours this year.  Most of our friends and families want to join in.  This year had 10 participants, next year is looking to be 20+ over multiple weekends. 

Fun Facts: 

People still work the fields around the farm. Nearly 300 acres used for harvesting hay.  Working equipment is in the barn. Safety precautions have been taken to make sure everyone is as safe as possible.  Stairs have been reinforced, the open well had a cover put on, and faulty wiring was repaired.  

Next year is going to have 3-4 different weekends for friends to participate. 

Next year will also utilize the barn, farmhouse, and 4 different buildings on the property. 

I've included a link to a google drive folder with pictures as they wouldn't all fit on here.  There is also a video of the mannequins I made. In that video I am hiding under one of them. Gives you a good feeling for what the people playing see. 


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