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Feb. 6-New Release! The One That Got Away!

Published by Kandisha Press

“The One That Got Away” is a great collection of short stories by an excellent selection of female authors. 30 women authors answered the call to write about “The One That Got Away” and these tales contain all the anger, grief and wrath of women scorned and the fury that hides deep inside. You will read about all kinds of love gone wrong, and the wrath that was dealt. It makes for one truly awesome read and highlights how scary a vengeful female can really be. Tread lightly, gentlemen, tread lightly!

Many of these authors were new to me and it was such an enjoyable way to be introduced to so much immense talent. There are far too many stories in this collection to just pick out a favorite, but I will list a couple below that I really enjoyed.

Dawn DeBraal pens a great tale in “Invasive Species.” I loved everything about this story of pettiness gone wrong. If you know what a garden club is or your neighborhood has “friendly” best lawn or best garden competitions, then you will love this story.

“From Scratch” by Sonora Taylor made me giggle with glee at the dark thoughts of the main character. I know that I am not the only person that will relate to this tale of a women desperately trying to scratch a dark itch in creative ways. I really enjoyed this tale.

Marsheila Rockwell tells us a very unsettling tale about “The Recliner” which made me think of my childhood and some of my fears. Sometimes, children know when to be afraid, but the adults around them are not able to take heed. One small boy attempts to protect his mother from his fear, with astounding results. I did not see the end coming and I bet, neither did he. This was a very well-written story that I related to on more than one level.

These are but a few of the remarkable stories in this collection. It is a terrific book to read at any time of year, but won’t you consider picking it up this month and supporting these excellent women in horror?

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Jan. 30 New Release: Dark Voices

Various Authors

There are so many things to say about this collection of horror stories, penned by some of the best authors in the business.  Some were new to me, some were not, but each one of the stories were fresh, exciting and original.  Nothing stale and predictable in this lot, and that goes for the authors as well as the stories! Dave Jeffery and Matt Shaw have both been favorites of mine for a long time now and their stories in this collection did not disappoint.  Many of the other authors were new to me and I was just as pleased to see that their stories were all wonderfully penned tales of terror, of ghosts, of despair, of creepy crawlies and ghouls. I have picked out a few delights below, but you will need to read this full volume for yourself. You will not regret it, but please expect a sleepless night or two.  

Matt Shaw’s tale, “Toss and Turn” follows the fate of Louis, a poor soul just trying to deal with a monster of a headache, possibly the flu. All he wants is a good night's sleep but try as he might, he continues to toss and turn in his bed. Unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse and sleep may never come again.  This tale left me more than a little disturbed, but also amused at how accurately he describes the battle with our minds as some of us are trying to fall asleep. The random incessant questions that seem to surface just before we feel ourselves drifting off to slumber.  

Dave Jeffery penned a beautifully haunting story in his offering, “We Are the Cosmos”.  the depths of sadness, grief and humanity that is captured in this short tale is staggering. Be prepared for this tale to rip your heart out and expose your soul in its tragic beauty of a love that not only spans the ages but quite literally the realms in-between. I am not ashamed to admit that tears were shed for this one before I reached the end.  

CL Raven is a new name to me, and I was rather delighted to discover that this is a pen name for a set of twins that write as a team. Their story in the collection is entitled “Buried at Sea” and is a chilling tale of discovery on the ocean floor as a team of divers explore the wreckage of an old prison ship known as the HMS Stormy Romance. The ship’s demise had been shrouded in mystery as was its short life as a prison ship, rumors of its being cursed following in its wake. I have been a fan of ghost stories and salvaged shipwrecks for as long as I can remember and this one takes both ideas and spins a beautiful but chilling tale of what really lies in wait aboard the HMS Stormy Romance.  


This is one of the best collections that I have read so far over the past year and I look forward to more from each of these authors.  If you have not yet read any of the above names, this collection will give you a great preview of what their talents can bring.  I aim to only bring you the best in horror here on Uncomfortably Dark and this book meets that mark, in abundance.

Five stars for Dark Voices.  

Available on Amazon now!  


October 20, 2020 Release Date!

"They will learn...even if it kills them."
Nineteen year-old Emily's acute dissociative disorder causes her to be institutionalized - again - at Greyfriars Reformatory For Girls. Caught in the crossfire between brutal Principal Quick and cruel bully Saffron Chassay, Emily befriends fellow outcast Victoria. When the terrifying apparition of the mysterious ‘Grey Girl' begins scaring the inmates to death, Emily’s disorder may be the one thing that can save her.



By Frazer Lee


 I was fortunate enough to read an advance copy of this fresh new horror novel by Frazer Lee. This haunting tale follows the story of Emily, a 19 year old with an acute dissociative disorder, who is institutionalized at Greyfriar’s Reformatory for Girls. Cold Principal Quick offers no solace or comfort to the girls as they disembark from the old bus that carried them there. As the girls are led inside, Emily realizes that the lines have already been drawn, with bully Saffron Chassay as the self-declared leader of the pack.  

Principal Quick leads them on a brief tour of the reformatory before releasing the girls to their dorm for the night. The girls quickly begin to talk amongst themselves, except for Victoria whom can barely contain her sobs. Saffron wastes little time in taunting Victoria and further trying to establish her dominance over the girls before lights out, but Emily does not rise to the bait.

Things slowly begin to deteriorate as time passes in the giant building. The cold stone offers no comfort nor clues to the secrets it holds. The girls begin to see another girl in the building that they begin to call the ‘Grey girl’. Emily begins to lose her sense of time more and more as the girls become more afraid of the girl that seems hell bent on haunting their every move.

This story had all of the bells and whistles that a good horror story should have. The old building, the cold, bleak atmosphere; a sense of impending doom that seems to follow the reader through the pages and an overall building sense of terror as you discover the secrets of Greyfriars’ Reformatory for yourself. I highly recommend this great new release by Frazer Lee.

For any of you that are not familiar with Frazer Lee, he is quickly becoming an industry name. He has been one of my favorite writers for several years now and it’s an honor that I get to do this feature on him. Frazer is not only an author but a screenwriter and a filmmaker too.  “Greyfriar’s Reformatory” is his sixth novel to date, having also written “Hearthstone Cottage”, “The Lamplighters” and “The Skintaker”, amongst others. He has been awarded many awards for both writing and his films. Most notably his short film “The Stay” was the winner of multiple awards, including Best Horror Short Silver Award (Independent Shorts Awards, LA USA 2018), and Best Short Film Award (Changing Face International Film Festival, Australia 2017 ), and Best Story (Things2Fear Film Fest, USA 2016).  

On a personal note, Frazer lives in Buckinghamshire, England with his family and is a Senior Lecturer in Creative Writing at Brunel University London. He is also a member of the Horror Writers Association, International Thriller Writers and the International Association of Media Tie-in Writers.  Frazer has a long list of accomplishments, and awards that you can read about on his author website. 

As an Added Bonus-Frazer did a Dark Dozen Interview. Find it below!

Buy Greyfriars Reformatory in hardcover, paperback, e-book.



By William Holloway

Fresh off the press for your horror reading pleasure comes “BLACKWOOD ESTATES” by Texas author William Holloway. This is NOT your average, campy, cookie cutter horror book.  This is the real deal. I have not read a horror book this good in a long time, by a new author. This novel blew me away and I absolutely can say that I enjoyed every single second of it. William takes his main character, Philip Nada, on the ride of a lifetime and let me be the first to say that poor Phil neither deserved nor liked it. But as horror often shows us, time and time again, bad things happen to good people.

The story starts out with Phil taking his dog for a walk. Just a nice walk through the community of Blackwood Estates where he lives with his autistic son, Scotty.  Scotty is currently at home with his caregiver and his mother, whom has shown up for her weekly visit. Not willing to deal with his ex-wife, Phil takes the dog out for a nice breather, but they barely get halfway down their favorite trail before the screaming begins. Phil’s dog Benny is on high alert, trying to get Phil to follow his lead, but of course, as a man will, Phil wants to investigate. Of course, he should. Someone could be hurt. But what he finds, is not what he expects.

Something is wrong with the children.  ALL of the children of Blackwood Estates seem to have gone completely and utterly mad.  When the children stop screaming, the Estates are covered by a thick fog, the air has gone dry and when Phil reaches home, his ex-wife is gone, Scott’s caregiver is hanging on by a thread and Scotty, well, Scotty is not quite Scotty anymore. I will stop there, as I do not wish to give away any of the terror that oozes from this book. This novel is saturated with horror, dripping in blood and more Lovecraft than I have seen in most modern horror stories.

William Holloway is an author to watch. He will be known, widely, throughout the industry and its fans. My first reaction at the end of this story was quite bluntly, “Holy Fuck!!” Ask him, I absolutely said just that. I loved everything about this story and I will be reading his other novels, which include “The Abyssal Plain: The R’lyeh Cycle” and “The Immortal Body” amongst others. Look for those reviews coming soon.

William wrote his first novella in 1998, titled “Death in Texas”. Ten years later, he took up writing again and began his cosmic series called “The Singularity Cycle”. The first novel of this series is “The Immortal Body” and was published in 2012 and then wrote the follow up novel, “Song of the Death God.” Both novels have been picked up by British Horror Maven Graeme Reynold’s Horrific Tales publishing, along with his stand alone novel “Lucky’s Girl.”

Keep an eye on this new author. He’s talented and he is sure to knock your socks off with each novel he brings to light, or rather to the darkness that we here at uncomfortably dark like to call home.

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