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A. J. Brown

General Horror

A.J. Brown is the author of Voices, Grim, A Stitch of Madness and many others. Find his work below. 

A.J. Brown – Godless

A.J. Brown (Author of Dredging Up Memories) (

Type AJ Negative – The Official A.J. Brown Page… (

Alan Baxter

Horror-Thrillers-Dark Fantasy-Crime

 Alan Baxter is a British-Australian multi-award-winning author of horror, supernatural thrillers, dark fantasy, and crime. His titles include Sallow Bend, The Fall, The Gulp, and many others.  Find him at the links below. 

Alan Baxter (Author of The Roo) | Goodreads

Alan Baxter - Warrior Scribe - Horror, dark fantasy, and weird fiction from multi-award-winning author, Alan Baxter. (

Alistair Cross

General Horror

Alistair is the author of The Crimson Corset, Dream Reaper, and also has several collaborations with Tamara Thorne including the Ravencrest Saga. You can find his work at the links below:

Alistair Cross

Alistair Cross (Author of Mother) | Goodreads

Angel Gelique

General Horror

Angel Gelique is a horror author that wants to horrify and shock you. Find her work at the links below. Angel Gelique: books, biography, latest update

Angel Gelique (Author of Hillary) (

Aron Beauregard

Extreme Horror

Find all the Brutal Beauregard horror you want at the links below. 

Also, get more Aron on the Written in Red podcast! 

Aron Beauregard Horror ( Aron Beauregard: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Aron Beauregard (Author of The Slob) (

Ash Ericmore

Extreme Horror

Ash Ericmore is an extreme horror author from the UK. His titles include the 7 Smalls series, Brute, This October Flesh, and many more.  You can find his work at the links below. 

Ash Ericmore (Author of Brute) | Goodreads

Ashon Ruffins

General Horror

Ashon Ruffins is the author of Descent of a Broken Man.  He is from New Orleans and is a Military Veteran and has quickly gained recognition for his debut novel. 

Descent of A Broken Man by Ashon Ruffins | Goodreads

Ashley R. Lister

Horror and Dark Fiction

Ashley Lister is the author of Sins of the Fathers, Fearless, and Conversations with Dead Serial Killers. Find his work below. 

Ashley R. Lister (Author of Swingers - True confessions from today's swinging scene) (

Ashley Lister – Godless

It's just a story (

Bert S. Lechner

General Horror

Bert S. Lechner is an author on the autism spectrum born and raised near San Francisco, California. Bert S. Lechner: books, biography, latest update

Bob Gunner

Horror/ Dark Fiction/Sci-fi

Bob Gunner is a long time Houston journalist, newspaper editor and a screenwriter. Bob Gunner: books, biography, latest update

Brian Asman

General Horror

Brian Asman is the author of Man, Fuck This House, Jailbroke, and Nunchuck City among many others! 

Brian Asman (Author of Man, Fuck This House) (

Brian Keene

General Horror, Crime, Dark Fantasy

Brian Keene is a prolific author in the industry with more than 40 books to his credit including The Rising, Alone, and Ghoul, among many others. You can find his work at the links below:

Brian Keene (Author of The Rising) | Goodreads


Bridgett Nelson

Extreme Horror

Bridgett Nelson is the author of A Bouquet of Viscera and many other short stories.  See her links below. 

Home | Mysite (

Bridgett Nelson (Author of A Bouquet of Viscera) (

C.C. Adams

General Horror/Dark Fiction

C.C. Adams is the author of There Goes Pretty, Semen, Misery and Other Lines and many other stories. Find more of his work at the links below. 

C.C. Adams - Library (

C.C. Adams (Author of 100 Doors to Madness) (

C.D. Kester


C. D. Kester is an author of fiction who does most of his work in the horror genre. Kester recently published his first full length novel, Chasing Demons with Alien Buddha Press. C. D. Kester: books, biography, latest update

Author C. D. Kester | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

Caleb Jones aka C.I.I. Jones

General Horror

C.I.I. Jones is an author from Norfolk, VA. His books include PECKING ORDER and A BOY AND HIS DOG. C.I.I. Jones: books, biography, latest update

Carver Pike

Extreme & General

Carver Pike is the author of the Diablo Snuff Series, Faces of Beth, The Edge of Reflection, and so many more.

Find him on the Written in Red podcast too! 

Carver Pike (Author of Faces of Beth) (

Chandler Morrison

Extreme & General Horror

Chandler Morrison is the author of Dead Inside, #thighgap, Hate to Feel, and more! 

Books by Chandler Morrison (Author of Dead Inside) (

Christopher Besonen

General & Extreme Horror/ Bizzaro / Dark Fiction

Christopher Besonen is the author of such titles as The Seams, Network, and Midnight Parables. You can find his work at the link below.

Christopher Besonen (Author of Troubling Stirrings In Sphere Court) (

Christopher Besonen – Godless

Daniel Volpe

Extreme & General

Daniel Volpe is the author of Left To You, Talia, Billy Silver, and more!  

You can also find Daniel on the Written in Red podcast! Daniel Volpe: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Daniel J. Volpe (Author of Left To You) (

Daemon Manx

General Horror

Daemon Manx is the author of Abigail, Piece By Piece, Recalculating, and many others. Find his work at the links below. 

Daemon Manx – Godless

Daemon Manx (Author of Abigail) (

Writer | Author (

DS LaLonde

Horror. Fantasy

DS is the author of A Bleak Remedy and The Entangled Dragon. Find their links below. 

D.S. LaLonde (Author of A Bleak Remedy) (

Duncan Ralston

Extreme & General Horror

Duncan Ralston is the author of Woom, Ghostland, Midwives, and many more!

Duncan Ralston (Author of Woom) (

Elle Mitchell

General Horror & Dark Fiction

Elle Mitchell is a multidisciplinary artist and author of raw, character-driven dark fiction. Elle Mitchell: books, biography, latest update

emitchellwrites | Instagram | Linktree

Eric Butler

All Horror

Eric Butler is the author of Pope Lick Massacre, The Sins of the Past, and the Donn, Tx series among others. 

Eric Butler – Godless

Eric Butler (Author of The Pope Lick Massacre) (

Writer | Eric Butler Author | United States

Eric LaRocca

Horror & dark fiction

Eric LaRocca is the author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke, You've Lost A Lot of Blood, and other titles. Find more of Eric below! 

Eric LaRocca (Author of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke) | Goodreads

Home - Eric LaRocca

Francesca Maria

Dark fiction & horror

Francesca Maria has been penning horror stories since she was able to pick up a pen and write at the age of six. Francesca Maria: books, biography, latest update

Gemma Amor

General Horror

Gemma Amor is the author of Full Immersion, Six Rooms, Dear Laura and many others! Find her at the links below and on her podcast, Calling Darkness, listed in the podcast section. 

Calling Darkness: the Podcast | Gemma Amor – Author, Illustrator, Podcaster (

Gemma Amor (Author of Dear Laura) (

Hailey Piper

All Horror

Hailey Piper is the Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Queen of Teeth, No Gods for Drowning, The Worm and His Kings, Your Mind Is a Terrible Thing, and many more! Find her below!

Hailey Piper (Author of The Worm and His Kings) | Goodreads

Hailey Piper – Horror Fiction

Holly Rae Garcia


Jae Mazer

All Horror

Jae Mazer is the author of Crone, Blood Wail, Chrysalis and Clan and many others!  See more below!

Author | Jae Mazer

Jae Mazer (Author of Crone) (

James G. Carlson

All Horror

James G. Carlson is the author of Seven Exhumations, Midnight in the City of the Carrion Kid and several other novellas and short stories. Find more for James below. 

James G. Carlson (Author of Midnight in the City of the Carrion Kid) | Goodreads

James Kaine


James Kaine is an author specializing in gritty, no-holds barred tales of horror with characters you will grow to love before they end up subjected to terror beyond the imagination.

jameskaine | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree James Kaine: books, biography, latest update

Jamie Kort

Horror. Bizzaro. Strange fiction

I write strange, dark tales of the fantastic and horrific.

Jay Sizemore

Horror & Poetry

Jay Sizemore has been writing poetry and fiction for over twenty years, but only recently begun working on novels. His first, APNEA, was published in January 2023. Currently he lives and works in Portland, Oregon, where he lies awake and listens to the rain. Jay Sizemore: books, biography, latest update

Jennifer Bernardini

General Horror & Dark Fiction

Jennifer is an author from Connecticut. Her work includes WHAT REMAINS OF US, MIRROR IN THE ATTIC, and SEAMS ON THE OUTSIDE. Jennifer Bernardini: books, biography, latest update

Joe Scipione

General Horror

Joe Scipione is the author of Mr. Nightmare, Zoo, Perhaps She Will Die, and more. Find his work at the links below. 

Joe Scipione – Godless

Joe Scipione (Author of Mr. Nightmare) (

John Durgin

General Horror

John Durgin is the author of The Cursed Among Us, with more on the way. He is also the co-founder of Livid Comics.

John Durgin (Author of The Cursed Among Us) (

John Lynch

General Horror & Military Horror

A United States Marine Corps Veteran and Horror writer, John lives somewhere in Rhode Island with his wife, kids, cat, and English Bulldog. 

John Lynch | Instagram, TikTok | Linktree John Lynch: books, biography, latest update

John Lynch

Horror/splatterpunk/military horror

Horror author from Rhode Island specializing in splatterpunk, slashers, and military horror. Signed copies on web shop. John Lynch: books, biography, latest update

John Watson

General Horror/ Dark Fiction

John Watson is the author of Karaoke Night, Crueller, and Off The Grid. John Watson: books, biography, latest update

John Wayne Comunale

All Horror

John Wayne Comunale is the author of Sinkhole, Deadline, Scummer and many more! 

John Wayne Comunale (Author of Death Pacts and Left-Hand Paths) (

Josh Schlossberg

Horror. Dark Fiction

Josh Schlossberg, author of MALINAE, surveys the dark landscape of biological horror fiction. 

joshsworstnightmare | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree

Judith Sonnett

Extreme Horror

Judith Sonnett is the author of No One Rides For Free, The Clown Hunt, and many other extreme horror stories.

Judith Sonnet (Author of The Clown Hunt) (

Kenzie Jennings

Splatterpunk and General Horror

Kenzie Jennings is an English Professor from Florida and is the author of Reception, and Red Station, and many short stories. Get more Kenzie below! 

Kenzie Jennings (Author of Worst Laid Plans) | Goodreads

Kenzie Jennings – Godless

Kristopher Rufty

All Horror

Kristopher Rufty is the author of Pillowface, Oak Hollow, Last One Alive and more! 

Find him below! 

Kristopher Rufty – Welcome to the "official" website of Kristopher Rufty!

Home | KRuftyBooks

Kristopher Triana

All Horror

Kristopher Triana is the author of Gone To See The River Man, Full Brutal, The Thirteenth Koyote and many more. Kristopher Triana: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle

Kristopher Triana (Author of Gone to See the River Man) (

Laurel Hightower

General Horror

Laurel Hightower is the author of Below, Crossroads, Whispers in the Dark and more! Find her work at the links below.

 Laurel Hightower

Laurel Hightower (Author of Crossroads) (

Lisa Vasquez

General Horror & Dark Fiction

Lisa Vasquez creates twisted vivid horror in her many tales that are available in anthologies such as Dark Places, Evil Faces, 100 Word Horrors, and Hydrophobia and her novels include The Unfleshed and The Unsaintly. She is also the creator of the House of Stitched Magazine. 

Lisa Vasquez (Author of Collected Christmas Horror Shorts) | Goodreads

Mary SanGiovanni

General Horror

Mary SanGiovanni is the author of more than 20 horror and supernatural books. Find her work at the links below and also catch her on The Ghost Writers Podcast, See podcast section below. Be sure to check out the Buzz Book Expo too!

Mary SanGiovanni (Author of Chills) (


Matthew Vaughn

Extreme & Splatterpunk Horror

Matthew Vaughn is the author of The ADHD Vampire from Bizarro Pulp Press.  When he is not working with robots plotting world domination, he enjoys writing bizarre stories while raising his small army.

AuthorMatthewVaughn | Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Matthew Vaughn (Author of Mother F'ing Black Skull of Death) | Goodreads

Matt Shaw

Horror-Humor-Mystery & Thrillers

Matt Shaw is a multi-genre author from the UK. He is most noted for his extreme horror. You can find Matt at the links below. 

(20+) Matt Shaw | Facebook

Matt Shaw (Author of Sick Bastards) | Goodreads

Matt Wildasin

General Horror

Matt Wildasin is the author of Melancholia, The Demon in the Glass, Edge of Twilight, and many others. You can find more of his work at the links below. Check the podcast section for his two podcasts, Grindcast and The Ghost Writers Pocast. 

Matt Wildasin (Author of Melancholia) (

Merrill David

General Horror

Merrill David is the author of the Wicked Awake series, Fester, and editor of the Head Blown anthology.

Mia Dalia

Dark Fiction

Mia Dalia is an internationally published author, a lifelong reader, and a longtime reviewer of all things fantastic, thrilling, scary, and strange. Mia Dalia: books, biography, latest update

daliaverse | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Michael R. Collins

General Horror

Michael R. Collins is the author of Verum Malum, Night Shall Overtake and several others. Find more on him below! 

Michael R. Collins (Author of Verum Malum) | Goodreads

Michael R Collins – Official website of an author and everyone's favorite weird uncle. (

Mike Ennenbach

Horror-Dark Fiction-Bizarro-Poetry

Mike Ennenbach is the author of Notches, Hunger on the Chisholm Trail, dreamwhispers, and many more! Find his work at the links below. 

Mike's Manic Word Depot – a loose collection of subversions and flaws (

Mike Ennenbach (Author of Baker's Dozen) (

Nick Roberts

General Horror

Nick Roberts is the author of The Exorcist's House, Anathema, and many other stories.

Nick Roberts (Author of The Exorcist's House) (

Nikolas P. Robinson

Extreme Horror, Bizarro, General Horror

Nikolas P. Robinson is the author of Innocence Ends, The Cold-Blooded Hills, Have You Seen Me, and many more! 

Nikolas P. Robinson (Author of Where Dreams Come True) (

MeltdownMessiah | Twitter, Instagram, Facebook | Linktree

Nikolas Robinson – Godless

Patrick C. Harrison, III

Horror, Bizzaro, and Erotica

Patrick C. Harrison, III is the author of Grandpappy, A Savage Breed, Inferno Bound and the Hell Hounds, and many more! Get more PC3 below!

Patrick C. Harrison III – Godless

Patrick C. Harrison III (Author of A Savage Breed) | Goodreads


Paula D. Ashe

General Horror & Dark Fiction

Paula D. Ashe is the author of We Are Here To Hurt Each Other, The Mother of All Monsters, and many others. Find her links below! 

Paula D. Ashe (Author of We Are Here to Hurt Each Other) | Goodreads

I Created This In a Panic | Paula D. Ashe | Substack

Rayne Havok

Extreme/Dark Horror

Rayne Havok is the author of Boys Will Be Boys, Mukbang Princess, Degenerate, and many more. Find more Rayne at the links below. 

Rayne Havok – Godless

Rayne Havok (Author of The Embalmer) (

Rebecca Rowland

General Horror & Dark Fiction

Rebecca Rowland is a horror and suspense author of Optic Nerve, Shagging the Boss, and many short stories that can be found in a wide variety of anthologies. Find her work at the links below:

Rowland -- Books - Author, Books (

Rebecca Rowland (Author of Unburied) | Goodreads

Ronald Kelly

General & Southern Horror

Ron Kelly is a veteran in the business and is the author of Fear, Undertaker's Moon, Blood Kin and many others. You can find his work at the below links. 

Ronald Kelly (Author of The Halloween Store, and Other Tales of All Hallows' Eve) | Goodreads

Ronald Kelly

Rowland Bercy, Jr.

Extreme Horror

Rowland Bercy is the author of Unbortion, Payback is a Witch, and many others!

Find him on the Written in Red podcast too! 

Rowland Bercy Jr.

Rowland Bercy Jr. (Author of Unbortion) (

Rowland Bercy Jr. – Godless

Ruthann Jagge

General Horror

Ruthann Jagge is a horror and dark fiction author. Her books include The New Girls' Patient, and the new Delevan House. You can find her work in many anthologies within the indie horror industry. Ruthann Jagge (Author of Twisted Legends) (

Samantha Kolesnik

General Horror

Samantha Kolesnik is the author of True Crime and Waif, among many others. Find her work at the below links. 

Samantha Kolesnik

Samantha Kolesnik (Author of True Crime) (

Somer Canon

General Horror

Somer Canon is the author of You're Mine, Vicki Beautiful, A Fresh Start, and more! See more below and find her on The Ghost Writers Podcast in the podcast section. 

Somer Canon (Author of Vicki Beautiful) (

Sonora Taylor

Horror & Dark Fiction

Sonora Taylor is an author from Arlington, VA. She is an award-winning author and her work  includes SEEING THINGS, LITTLE PARANOIAS: STORIES, and WITHOUT CONDITION. Sonora Taylor: books, biography, latest update

Stephen Cooper

Extreme & Splatterpunk horror

Stephen Cooper is an Extreme horror author from Portsmouth, England. 

Splatploitation — Bio Site

Splatploitation | A Positive Look at the Nasty and Extreme | Patreon

Stephen Kozenieski

Horror & other genres

Stephen Kozeniewski is the author of The Perfectly Fine House, Skinwrapper, Clickers Never Die, and many more! 

Stephen Kozeniewski (Author of Braineater Jones) (

Manuscripts Burn

Steve L. Clark

General Horror

Steve L. Clark is a horror and dark fiction author from Ohio. His newest release is Down Home. 

Steve L. Clark (Author of The Doors of Chamberlain) | Goodreads

Steve Stred

All Horror

Steve Stred is the author of Mastodon, Father of Lies, and many others! Find his links below.

Steve Stred (Author of Mastodon) (

stevestredauthor | Author of Dark, Bleak Fiction (

Stuart Bray

Extreme and Splatterpunk Horror

Author of extreme & splatterpunk horror from Salem, Kentucky. 

stuartbray | Instagram, Facebook, TikTok | Linktree

Tamara Thorne

General Horror

Tamara is the author of Haunted, Moonfall, Bad Things and many others. She also has several collaborations with Alistair Cross including the Ravencrest Saga.  You can find more of her work below: 

Tamara Thorne (Author of Haunted) | Goodreads

Tamara Thorne

Thomas R. Clark

Horror-Dark Fiction-Sci Fi-Fantasy

Tim Eagle

General Horror

Tim Eagle is the author of Fury, Krae, Stolen Seed and many others.

Tim Eagle (Author of Krae) (

Tony Evans

General Horror

Tony Evans is the author of Wicked Appalachia, Appalachian Horror, Sour, and many others.

Tony Evans (Author of Sour) (

Wile E. Young

General Horror

Wile E. Young is the author of The Magpie Coffin, Catfish in the Cradle, The Perfectly Fine House and many more! 

Wile E. Young (Author of The Magpie Coffin) (

William P. Simmons

Horror. Fantasy. Paranormal.

William P. Simmons is the author of The Halloween Boy & Other October Horrors, as well as the editor of Yuletide Frights and others.

William P. Simmons (Author of Season of the Dead) (

Writing by the Water

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