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04/26/2024 The Mort Report

Got two reviews from Mort Stone for your enjoyment today. Happy Friday to you all and I hope you have a great weekend.

Today's reviews feature Erica Summers, H.M. Wohl, and Jonathan Butcher, Ryan Harding, Megan Stockton, and Stuart Bray.

Let's get to it!



By Erica Summers & H.M Wohl



Picture this:

A young man, on a tour with other young people, drinks way too much one night, blacks out and wakes up the next day with someone else’s blanket, with not-quite-dry-yet upchuck on it, and the mother of all hangovers. Let’s say this young man feels guilty and goes to the communal bathrooms, closes the door of the stall with one of the three bathtubs, goes on his knees and starts washing that blanket.

To make things a little more fun, let’s add a girl in the bathtub in the next stall, and while she’s soaking it up, one of the guys is inconsiderate enough to barge in on her to play a prank. Imagine the scream that reaching decibels that would make an opera diva jealous.

Can you see the young man, vomiting from pain, eyes closed shut, feeling the breeze in the back of his head because his brain exploded and covered the walls with dripping goo and blood?


Now, I am not going to claim that the story above is non-fiction, but it is close enough to make me sympathize with this poor main character to the point where you just wanted him to shut the entire effing city up so his brain could get a break.


Can everybody just shut the hell up for a little while, already?


4 Stars.




By Jonathan Butcher, Stuart Bray, Ryan Harding, and Megan Stockton

Brutal, graphic and uncompromisingly angry.

Yes, Mr. Butcher’s singing is not for everyone, but that’s what you get if you stay too long at the karaoke.


But let’s discuss this book.

Who doesn’t like a good revenge story? Those of you with your hand in the air, you can leave the room now – it is not going to get better from here.


Who doesn’t like gore galore, let’s settle the score, get your jaw off the floor and prepare for more?

Buh-bye, then.


Who wants a trigger warning about certain subjects because, let’s face it, authors should use their magic balls to cater for your personal taste, since it’s more important to not offend your sensibilities than to tell the story?

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.


Right, you sick mucks, this story will be brutal, graphic and uncompromisingly angry, so let’s see if the authors can push your buttons.


4.5 stars


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