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And it continues....

More virus updates, stay at home orders, frustrated parents, frustrated children, cabin fever hitting folks full blast. However, there is good news, no zombies have been sighted. I repeat, no zombies.

Some of us are anxiously waiting for the zombies to appear so we can relive our favorite movies and Walking Dead episodes but for the rest of humanity that is not looking for zombies, keep your heads up. Keep your hope and your good vibes.

Do the best you can to keep entertained, to keep the kids happy and to take care of yourselves. Family picnic in the living room. Spa day in the bathroom with your daughters, Call of Duty marathon with your son. Create a family obstacle course outside or a flashlight scavenger hunt.

Anyone trying to home school? How about some baking projects? Make a bird shop. Go outside and learn about the trees, or the flowers growing nearby or the birds that you see. Have the kids trace leaves, dry them out or draw pictures of the birds they see. Start a garden. Make a new flowerbed.

Kids in bed, got some free time? Find a new author to read, check out Iain Rob Wright on Amazon, he’s an amazing horror author and one of my favorites. Try Blake Crouch or Matt Shaw for some of the best horror out there. Frazer Lee is another favorite.

Prefer to listen? Try a new podcast. The NoSleep podcast, Creepy and Knifepoint horror are favorites of mine. Each one is different, ranging in story length, narration style or production but each podcast is full of quality content. Listen while you workout, clean the house or indulge in some adult coloring time.

I‘m here with you. Bored, stuck indoors and trying my best to stay calm. We will get through this, together. But please, keep an eye out for them zombies!

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