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Happy Monday

! Just a short post today since the last ten days have been swamped with releases and book events.

One question that I am often asked is "Where/how do I promote?" That is always a big concern that authors have. Where? How? How much should I pay?

There are many options to handle this, some are free, and some will cost anywhere from a few dollars to quite a few dollars. I have a couple of sites below that I have personally use and have found moderate to good success in using. Not every promotion will be a huge success, just like not every book is for every reader. Often, we are left up to the mood of the reader on the day of the promotion. Luck of the draw, if you will.

I have found that consistency in using these sites, allowing their readers to see your name several times in a row, will ultimately increase your odds of a new reader buying your book. Maybe the first book cover or synopsis doesn't strike them, but maybe the third one does. Trial and error is the best approach when figuring these things out.

So, what are some free methods of promoting:

  • Word of mouth via friends, family, and social media.

  • Podcasts where you can discuss your work, both audio and video work.

  • Book Bloggers or Book Reviewers that offer interviews or author spotlights.

  • inquiring with local bookstores or libraries to see if you can leave bookmarks or flyers.

  • Donate a set of books to your local library.

Paid methods include:

  • Facebook/Social Media Ads

  • Amazon Ads.

  • Hiring a professional promoter/marketer

  • Paid promotion sites such as BookBub, Free Booksy or The Fussy Librarian.

I have some of the paid promoting sites below that I have used. I have found the results to adequate in most cases for what I paid. Check them out for yourself below.


Written Word Media

Written Word does with Free Booksy/ Bargain Booksy and Fussy Librarian. They work with all genres and now offer several types of promotions, including stacked promotions.

Written Word also has tons of great articles on their site for author help and resources. Find those here:


Story Origin

Story Origin has an entire suite of author tools in one platform, including an author website option built right into your account on their platform. They offer group promotion, newsletter swaps and building, direct download links, and much more. Everything that a new or established author may need. They do charge annually or there is a monthly option and I have found them well worth the price. (roughly $10 a month).

See all their features here:

Check out their mailing list how-to article here:



Most of us have heard of BookBub and it is widely known that they get great results with their promotions, but the fee is more than most other sites. Check out their information here and decide for yourself if it may be worth it and go from there.

I would suggest using this site once you have an established website, several books available, with a fair bit of reviews on the book you want to promote. BookBub will look at your stats and decide if they will offer you the promotion or not. Applying for one, does not guarantee one.

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