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Better late than never....

Hello friends. I certainly hope everyone is well. My family and I are doing fine, so far. No zombie sightings, we’ve not had to eat anyone and no one has gone insane...yet.

I was at a loss for what to write this week, seeing as how things are slow and not many people are seeking out much by way of entertainment these days, clearly understandable, however, I am happy to report that Uncomfortably Dark membership or subscriptions are 100% free! Tell your friends. Come get uncomfortable with us. Make sure they join as a member, don’t just subscribe. That way, they can leave comments and join the forum discussions.

And for all you lovely members, the forum discussions are for you! So get chatty, post something or start something new! Let’s talk horror, fear, books or movies. Let’s get to know each other, and your lovely, not quite undead, host by asking fun questions and getting some conversations started.

But yes, I know, ooo scary, being the first one to post in a forum?! On the internet?! People might see! Oh the horror! Here’s a secret, so far, it’s just you and me kids! The internet’s best kept horror website! If I can do this, you can too! No one is better at being introverted than I am. Literally, no one, and if I find out anyone is, I’ll fight them in a duel! Silently and without making eye contact, of course!

So, yes, post on the forums, otherwise, I look like a crazy person, just out here talking to myself...

Now then, since I did neglect my post yesterday, I shall have two treats for you this week, two extra posts! Oh the joy! One is a book review that I wrote for an excellent sci-fi novel, the other will be a poem that I cannot get out of my head and my thoughts upon said poem. Now that I have said that, the hamsters that run my gray matter are whispering about a third post, so stay tuned for possibility! Emails will be sent when posts are published, as always.

Until then, stay well, stay uncomfortable, and your assignment for the week, read ”The Raven” by Poe, read it aloud if you dare, enjoy the rhythm and the haunting tone of it. Read it, because it will make you uncomfortable, just how I like you!

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