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Birthday Party & Pains!

Greetings fellows and friends! Apologies for the late update. Some of you may know that I struggle daily with chronic back pain, having been diagnosed with degenerative disc disease at the ripe old age of 24! Basically, the discs in my spine are breaking down at a far more rapid pace than normal, which results in pinched nerves, bulging and herniated discs and lots of pain. Very, severe pain which usually incapacitates me for a few days.

All of that being said, I finally am scheduled for another surgery on my spine, which should alleviate the pain for a few more years. I am looking forward to having my life back. Keep me in your thoughts next month and let’s hope for a speedy recovery!

Also, my birthday just passed on August 9th and man, did my kids throw me an epic party! Think flamingoes, pineapples and BBQ! The decorations were on point. The food was amazing, especially the homemade pineapple salsa and grilled salmon. A full candy bar, photo booth and lots of cold wine coolers all rounded out the day!

Lots of laughs were had by a small handful of family and friends. It was a really great day, full of fun, gifts and food. I had not had a birthday party in years so this one was just really special! Thanks again to my kids, my family and my friends that helped make it so amazing.

Now on to the real news! Writing Updates!

My mentor program is still going very well. Travis has been an amazing resource and incredibly helpful over these last couple of months. I will admit that some of it got overwhelming, due to the sheer volume of things that I need to do to help really get my book noticed, mixed in with the desire to want to do everything at once!

Travis has helped me through the weeds a great deal by really laying out what my focus areas should be for right now and what things can wait. Contests, for instance, are nice and can be tempting but are not truly necessary to get noticed or to gain readers.

Those can wait a bit. Gaining readers by promoting on such websites like BookFunnel and StoryOrigin will be more helpful in building my reader list. Those are my items to finish up and get going before surgery. My website is another main focus area. New readers need to have a place to come to so they can learn about me. Someplace to browse the content that I create, so they can discover my writing style. I love my website and how it’s grown over the last few months and I anticipate a lot more growing soon!

Which brings me to my last update and it’s very exciting! Beginning August 29, the Dark Features page will host a new section called “The Dark Dozen“. 12 fun, horror-themed interview questions for writers, podcasters or artists in the horror business. I hope to run this series for 12 weeks and so far, I have 6 weeks scheduled with some excellent authors and podcasters, all well-known in the industry.

The Dark Dozen Feature will be followed up by the “Spotlight” feature which will run a brief post on the author or podcaster being interviewed in the Dark Dozen. By having these two sections go hand in hand, I hope to introduce you all to some great authors and podcasters. I encourage each of you to check out their websites, shows, or novels as I will be posting links to these items at the conclusion of the “Spotlight.”

I will not release who all is on the line-up just yet but beginning next Saturday, I will reveal who will be featured first, for “The Dark Dozen“, on August 29. I’ll do the same each week there-after. I will say that I have contacted some of my absolute favorites in the horror industry and so far, half have said yes!

I do hope you’ll join us for the Dark Dozen series! Come and cringe along with me as I ask some of the darkest interview questions ever! The series will run from August 29 through November 21, skipping the weekend of September 12, due to my surgery.

That is all for now, my fellows, my friends, my family. I’m going to finish sitting here in my dark corner, watching yet another horror movie as I giggle in glee at the gore. I hope you’re watching one too.

Signing off from the uncomfortably dark corner in my house.

Stay tuned. Stay safe. Stay uncomfortable.

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