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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Sacrifice by Andrew Boylan


Just finished reading “Sacrifice” by Andrew Boylan and I really wanted to love this story based on its synopsis. I love horror, murder, mystery and mayhem and this one promised to have a lot of that in it. However, it was way too much of a slow burn for me to enjoy with far too many story lines in it.

There was quite a cast of characters in it, each with their own back story but not quite enough detail

to be able to really relate to any of them on a personal level. I really struggled to get into this book and it took me much longer than normal to read. That being said, the overall concept of the book was solid. Who doesn’t love a crazy scary cult that’s been secretly practicing for generations and carrying out a most horrifying ritual on the night before Easter?

I’m conflicted because I wanted to love this story completely but the slowness of the first half just left me annoyed and I was unable to just loose myself in the story. On the other hand, the writing is beautiful. Andrew is definitely a talented writer and his writing is solid and beautifully constructed. I loved so many sentences in this book that I found myself reading them aloud to my family.

On a five star scale, this would be a 3.5 for me. The concept was brilliant. The writing was excellent. But the characters and the slow build up kept it from being truly great. I would read other books by Andrew, just based off his clear talent as displayed in the writing. I think he has the potential to become a wonderful storyteller, but this book just fell short of that goal.

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