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Book Review!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hey family, friends and fellow readers! Got a mid-week treat for you today!

I just finished reading “I Can’t Sleep” by J. E. Rowney. This was a fun read by a great new author. This story was very well-written and flowed at a nice pace, overall.

It follows a young woman who is away at university, away from home for the first time ever, that is struggling with a very bad case of insomnia and is still mourning the tragic loss of her brother.

She exists in a hellish, almost dream-like state as she navigates classes and dorm life but something, or someone seems intent on torturing her further. With her sanity already crumbling from lack of sleep and insurmountable loss, now she must figure out who is stalking her.

This story was a pleasant ride of mystery, thrills and intrigue as you follow along to discover why exactly she can’t sleep. A solid first novel for this talented writer!

Check it out on Amazon now!

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