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Darkness and Pain, oh my!

Well folks, week two of the Dark Dozen kicks off tonight with Soren Narnia of the Knifepoint Horror podcast! I hope everyone checks it out.

Last weeks’ featured interview with Travis Heermann was a huge success and can still be found on the Archive page for the Dark Dozen. Just click on “more” in the menu at the top of the page to find the archives.

I did make a couple of changes on my website, mostly added some pages, room to grow with more content, dark poetry and book reviews. That being said, I have been approached by a couple of new horror authors to review their books so stay tuned for that. In fact, a review of “ The Ash” by Dan Soule just posted tonight! I will also be adding it to Amazon and goodreads.

I hope to have a new book review out each week and have put out an open call on the website and other places for more authors to submit their books for review. That’ll be exciting for me. I love to read as much as I love to write and discovering new horror is one of my favorite things to do.

Speaking of horror, I am having back surgery in a few days! Hoping it all goes well and I hope for a speedy recovery. I’ve been a chronic back pain sufferer for many years now, having a degenerative condition in my discs. This past year has been truly awful pain-wise and I have zero strength left in my left leg now. The pain has been constant so I am really looking forward to some relief, but alas, first there will be blood!

umm, I mean, pain. First, there will be more pain! But here’s hoping for some rainbows after the storm!

Just so everyone is aware, due to my surgery, there will NOT be a new feature on Saturday. The Dark Dozen will resume on September 19, with author Dan Soule! Yes! Author of “The Ash” as mentioned above. I hope you all go out to Amazon and buy that book as well. It’s an awesome story!

Thats all for now. Please make sure you check out the website and all the new features! and hey, won’t you buy me a coffee?

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