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Dark Dozen-Week 4!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Week four kicks off with horror author Jon Grilz, creator of the Creepy podcast! Now live on the website for your viewing pleasure! Creepy is one of the best horror podcasts out there, doing excellent narrations of some really creepy stories, mostly the best Creepypastas found on the Internet, with some stories sent in by fans and others written by creator, Jon Grilz!

I’ve been a long-time listener of the show and never thought that I would one day interview Jon on my own website! I’m such a big fan of this podcast and I’m truly excited to be sharing this with you. Please check out their interview and read the Spotlight to learn about the 31 Days of Horror event kicking off soon!

In other news, yes, I am still recovering from my back surgery. In fact, I got to experience my first “cold sweat” yesterday when I had my stitches removed. Let me just say that gentleness is not taught in medical school. I was seconds away from fainting by the time the stitches were all out. My mom was there, she will vouch for that fact. I always thought the term “cold sweat” was a misnomer but nope! It literally means a cold (chilled skin and all), sweat. So yes, that’s how well that procedure went.

But in the true spirit of horror, I got right back up and kept on running from the zombies in my dreams. Or rather, got the content ready for the Dark Dozen, wrote the Spotlight and posted it, all in time for your reading pleasure for tonight. I am a trooper if nothing else!

Not much else by way of updates, so I’ll leave you to roam the website, discover new authors and podcasts and immerse yourself in the book reviews! As always stay tuned, stay safe and stay uncomfortable!

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