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Haunted Locations: Hoia Baciu forest, Romania

Today’s journey brings us to Romania, the land of wine, salt mines, and more haunted castles than should be allowed in a single country.

There are many reasons to tour this country, from haunted fortresses to ancient cemeteries. Today, we are talking about the Hoia Baciu, a 55,000-year-old forest, dubbed ‘The Bermuda Triangle of Romania,’ and widely considered to be one of the most haunted places on the planet.

UFO’s, ghosts, angry medieval peasant sprites, disembodied girl giggling, the devil personified and perhaps an evil fairy or two are things you might encounter during a luxurious bike ride through this forest, don’t worry the trails are marked. Just don’t be put off by the inexplicably twisted trees and lack of bird song…it’s normal, completely normal.

You might even happen upon any one of the lost travelers who are said to return without having aged a day, with fifteenth- century coins in their pockets…and don’t get me started on the missing sheep…they have yet to be found.

These are just the physical manifestations of the forest. Some people also contract burns or high fevers upon visiting this spot. Scientists claim these symptoms are due to high levels of radioactive materials in the soil…and that may be the case…but it doesn’t explain a certain circular area in the forest where no plant or tree life can grow.

Suggestion, get a guide. It helps with the malfunctioning electronic devices, but not the feeling of being watched. If you do decide to go, pack a picnic, take a hike on the many trails, or a relaxing bike ride through the misty maze of trees. As always, if you go hunting for the supernatural within these woods, remember the rules. Respect the property. Respect the owners. Respect the residents. Happy Hunting!

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