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Horror Happenings: Big News from J. Manfred Weichsel

Into the Bush coming in 2024

Most people don’t realize that before he was America’s premier writer of subversive fiction, J. Manfred Weichsel had his roots in Hollywood, where he wrote screenplays for the Action Girls, a trio of starlets who produced and acted in their own indie movies throughout the 2010’s.

In this behind-the-scenes memoire, J. Manfred Weichsel dishes out the most salacious details of the making of their most notorious film, Into the Bush. After the overwhelmingly successful premier of Jungle Jitters, Jennifer, the leader of the Action Girls, is eager to make another movie, and she asks her regular scribe, J. Manfred Weichsel, to write it.

His pitch? A three-hundred-mile-tall giantess named Patty McGloop resides in the Mojave Desert, with a pubic hair region spanning seven miles from below her navel to between her thighs. Just as the Gargantua ray made Patty McGloop very tall, it also enlarged the microscopic animals that live on her skin and hair. Wouldn’t it be fun to go exploring inside her pubic hair jungle in order to document all the interesting flora and fauna?

The Action girls excitedly make all the preparations needed to shoot such a bizarre motion picture, and take a helicopter to Patty McGloop’s navel, the gateway to her colossal realm. But the girls are quickly captured by the savage creatures inhabiting McGloop’s lush bush. Now, it is up to J. Manfred Weichsel, humble screenwriter, to go on a daring mission into the bush to rescue them.

Into the Bush is a semi-sequel to J. Manfred Weichsel’s most controversial novel, Jungle Jitters, and will be released early 2024. To be notified when it comes out, subscribe to Weichsel’s Substack.

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