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Horror Happenings: Desperate Wishes, Raw Dog Screaming Press, Thorne & Cross

This week has a couple of great announcements including the Godless release of Desperate Wishes by Candace Nola and several book releases and promotions from Raw Dog Screaming Press and Thorne & Cross.



First up, the new splatterpunk novella by Candace Nola released in ebook form today on Godless. It will release on Amazon for kindle and paperback on 12/23/2023.

First released as a limited-edition by Thunderstorm books for the Tempest line, this is a Nola Novella that you'll want to get your hands on!


In the not distant future, civilization as we know it is unrecognizable. People are property, and names are stripped away, replaced by obligation.

Mackenna is treated as less than a person, as lesser than a beast. In her pain and rage, she opens herself to a voice that promises the fires of change.





New from L. Marie Wood!


Book Synopsis from Raw Dog Screaming Press:

The cabbie only remembers taking a break, pulling over in an alley to catch both his breath and the sunrise. His windshield shatters, and two people dash away. He tries to scream, to move, but his neck won’t turn. He can only stare at the cab’s dirty ceiling. Finally, a deliveryman calls the cops. Surely, they’ll arrive soon, but we’re pinned in place right along with him as he tries to puzzle it all out.

In this second installment of the CSAP novella series, award-winning author L. Marie Wood uses her descriptive powers to bring us fully into one incident in a person’s life, and hold us there, transfixed, until we see it all, crystal clear.




Tamara Thorne and Alaistair Cross are offering up THE CLIFFHOUSE HAUNTING for FREE! Grab it now as it is only free until Dec. 22!


When the Blue Lady Walks...

Since 1887, the Cliffhouse Lodge has been famous for its luxurious accommodations, fine dining … and its ghosts. Overlooking Blue Lady Lake, nestled among tall pines, Cliffhouse has just been renovated by its owners, Teddy and Adam Bellamy, and their daughter, Sara.

Cliffhouse has not always been a place of rest and respite, though. Over the years it has served many vices, from rum-running to prostitution -- and although the cat house has been replaced by a miniature golf course and carousel, Cliffhouse retains its dark history; darkest during the Roaring Twenties, when a serial killer called the Bodice Ripper terrorized the town, and a phantom, the Blue Lady, was said to walk when murder was imminent.

Death Walks With Her...



While you are there, you can get THUNDER ROAD by Tamara Thorne for only .99!


There’s a little wild west amusement park in California’s high desert. Old Madelyn Ghost Town attracts tourists every weekend. There are all sorts of rides and attractions peppered among the historic buildings. Here, you can take a ride through the Haunted Mine, have an old-fashioned chicken dinner, or watch a Wild West show… And if you camp out, you just might see a UFO or two.

Between the modern town of Madelyn and the historic park, lies the compound of The Prophet’s Apostles. They think the lights in the sky have been sent by God to warn of the coming apocalypse. They want to convince and convert everyone they can -- and they’ll do so by any means necessary.

As a young serial killer stalks Madelyn, leaving blood-soaked horrors in his wake, the earthquakes begin. A monstrous freak storm pounds the arid desert, and the military harasses an astrophysicist and her assistant as they study the night sky … Sheep are mutilated. People are flayed. And Prophet James Robert Sinclair realizes that God is truly speaking to him.

The Savior is returning. The Four Horsemen are about to ride. And the Apostles are taking no prisoners.

Grab that one here:


And what better time to get A CHRISTMAS CAROL, complete with in introduction by Thorne and Cross with their take on the ghosts of the Carol and their impact on ghost stories ever since!

Grab this Christmas Classic Here:

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