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I’m Back.....

March 8, 2021

I’m Back.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a blog post. I’ve been busy as many of you know. The writing, this website, book reviews and interviews, newsletters and promotions, slowly learning my way through this business day by day. I thought that perhaps the newsletter would replace my blog but I’ve learned that I miss it. I’ve missed writing down my own personal thoughts. I’ve missed sharing these glimpses into my writers journey, into my daily life.

To say that I’ve been busy is putting it mildly, I’ve been overwhelmed with requests from other authors to read their books for reviews and placement on my site. I’ve been buried under books and reading and working on my own new novel. It’s been so amazing seeing my website grow and expand. Watching the number of visitors grow day by day and seeing it being shared online, seeing people talk about it and suggest it to other authors and readers.

It’s been nothing short of humbling and amazing to interview some of my most favorite authors and to be able to introduce them to you. To feature their new novels on my page, to be able to read their latest works first, to speak to them as equals and to also learn from them has been one of my biggest dreams come true.

Being self-published is truly a feat in itself and I applaud anyone that does it with their whole heart. To take on every bit of the process without sacrificing the quality of your writing, or your own sanity is amazing. Everything from book cover design, editing your novel, once, twice, ten times, before you’re satisfied, building an author site and establishing a social media presence, doing your own marketing and promoting, networking with other authors to learn from them, or to collaborate with them, all while maintaining your day job and daily life. I’ve poured myself into this dream that I have, heart and soul. I’ve found my tribe, I’ve gained mentors and readers, friends and fans. I’ve learned something new every day and I’ve made sure to try to pass on my knowledge to someone else new every day too.

Absolutely nothing in life comes easy. It takes time, effort, and perseverance. It takes passion, humility and an open mind. It also takes strength, and a backbone. There is so much more to writing than just telling a great story. It’s more than creating characters that people will like or an interesting storyline. It’s the promise you are making to your reader. That unspoken contract between storyteller and reader that says “I promise you an escape. I promise to whisk you away to another place, another time, another era. I promise you romance, adventure, excitement or thrills. I promise you something that you can feel, if only for a little while. I promise to give you a better life, an exciting life, a different life, if only through these pages.”

I’m a reader. I live for that promise. I have always lived for that promise and I now aim to deliver on that promise to my readers. I understand how many of us read to escape our own lives, our issues, our grief, our boredom, our reality; we understand it’s only for a little while, but we need the escape. I want a story I can get lost in. I want to lose myself in the pages. I want to feel the sea air in my hair as I stand on the ships deck next to the captain as we sail. I want to feel the power of the horse under me as we ride across the Wild West. I want to feel the heartbreak as Romeo finds his dear Juliet, and thinks her dead. I want to feel my heartbeat pound against my rib cage as the killer stalks me through an empty house. And when it’s over, I want to close the pages and feel alive again, feel refreshed and recharged and ready to proceed with my own story once more.

These are the stories that I want to deliver. The ones that you will get lost in. The ones that will break your heart so you remember what it was like to love. The ones that remind you how to be brave so you can recharge your own courage and strength. The ones that teach us how to dream again or how to laugh again, how to find ourselves again. This is why we read, to escape, to feel something other than the numbness that we feel day in and day out, or to find our bit of motivation or courage again. We don’t just read to pass the time. There is so much more to it than that. Writers don’t write just to waste your time. We write because we must. We write because you need us to. We write because it’s our purpose. It’s always been my purpose.

Even writing this brief post for my blog is not being done lightly. I’m writing it because I needed to. Because I missed this more personal touch to my page. Because maybe someone today needed to see something that I’ve just said. Whatever the reason, whatever message you take from this, I hope you liked it, appreciated it or even agreed with it. There will be more to come on my blog, weekly at least, but perhaps a bit more. Even as I type this, ten more things are in my head that I could write about, and I will, but not today.

Today was to say hello again, to all of you that are uncomfortable in the dark, I appreciate you being here.

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