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So late again but still here. Had a rough week here, threw my back out doing yard work. Yes, I do know better. Yes, I’ll watch next time. Supervise only. Now that being said, we do have landscapers coming to start on the yard tomorrow and by the end of the week, should have a nice clean, blank slate to work with.

In writing news, I have decided to put Hank Flynn on the back burner for now. He has grown into a rather cantankerous old man and keeps changing his mind on story details. I suppose he has that right, since it is about him. Once we have worked out our issues, his story will resume. That is a promise, because old Hank has quite the story to tell.

Do not despair though, my endeavors do not cease. Laraya has been talking to me lately and it seems she has more to say. I have started some work on the sequel to “Breach“ but it is safe to say that major work on the sequel will begin this week.

To add to that bit of news, I was able to contact a very good friend of mine that is also a very talented artist. He is looking over “Breach“ now and I hope to be working with him on some artwork for “Breach” and it’s sequel. I’m hoping for artwork to make a poster or two, and a bookmark or pin featuring the Jacks and Jills along with the cover for the sequel. More on that as it develops. Please leave a comment below if having a poster, bookmark or other such item would interest you.

For the old team of Breachers-I will be contacting you soon to verify shipping addresses. Good copies of the novel are being shipped next week. All issues resolved. Yay! You will each be receiving a signed copy. Again, I thank you all dearly for your patience and your help in proofreading.

As far as Covid19 goes, it can suck it. That is my very mature opinion as of this moment. I am just as tired as the rest of you are of hearing about it. I am tired of the mask debates, the politics, the guidelines and the unfair chanting from the bleachers. It all sucks. It all is unfair. It all is sad. Sad for the kids, sucks for the seniors, hard for our elderly, terrible for those suffering loss and being forced to grieve alone.

My heart is with you all, and I’m always happy to lend an ear for a vent, a rant or a good cry. Let’s all just man up, use common sense, use a mask when directed by stores, or when near elderly, sick or babies, wash our hands and just be decent humans. It’s not really something to debate. Just decent common courtesy.

To add to my last post, sadly another black man has been killed by a police man kneeling on his neck. The man could be heard saying that he could not breathe. I do not know all the facts. Bottom line, he deserved due process, innocent until proven guilty. Not death by immediate strangulation. Also, in the last ten days, a 64 year old black woman was thrown to the ground by police in a Sams Club, along with her son, on the accusations of stealing a T.V. The police had ALREADY been informed that they bought the television and had the receipts, but they were assaulted anyway. I’ll leave these items here, not to offend, but perhaps to enlighten. Right beside the Covid19 headlines, there is a headline about another injustice within the African American community. These incidents are top news stories, almost every day. Enough is enough. The more silent the masses are, the more accepted it becomes. Leave a comment if you agree.

Humanity includes all humans. Let’s just agree to be good humans. Are you a good human?

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