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Nature will always find a way.

Hello friends, new and old, nice to see you again. Please pull up a chair, yes, that old rusty one will do, I can assure you that it’s quite uncomfortable. After all, that is why you are here, why you keep coming here.

To become one with the dark and uncomfortable side of life, to breathe the fetid air of gloomy basements, to inhale the coppery stench of thick blood and rot, decades old, to see the things that only the few can see, the brave or the insane, you decide.

Are you a believer in all things paranormal, ghostly or downright demonic? Before you answer, let me pose another question, do you believe in God, the Almighty, the Holy Trinity, in the Lamb, Jesus? If yes, then the answer to both must be yes. Life is about balance, friends, nothing more than balance. Don’t believe me? Let’s look around the old noggin for a bit, shall we?

Our own mother’s have been teaching us about balance since we were born. Not too many sweets or we will be sick. Not too many bad grades or we won’t be college bound. Not too much make-up or we will look like tramps and whores. Not too much loud music or we will be seen as rebels or troublemakers. Teachers teach us math and grammar in school, all things must balance. When we subtract and carry the one, it's so the math equation is kept in balance. Accounting teaches the same, cannot take from one ledger without adding to another or the books do not balance. Grammar teaches sentence structure that must balance or you only have a fragment. Frankenstein goes. This is a fragment. Where did he go? “Frankenstein goes to the morgue“ is a complete sentence.

Doctors spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to convince us that a healthy diet, is a BALANCED diet. Balance in all things we eat, red meat and lean meat, fish and tuna, fruit and vegetables, etc. We should exercise daily, keep a nice balance of cardio and strength and aerobic exercises.

Anyone see a pattern yet? Winter, spring, summer, fall, life and death, murder and mayhem, demons and angels. Life will always balance itself. Perhaps that is what we find ourselves in the midst of now, the Earth balancing itself. Global warning, climate change, wildfires, locust swarms, endangered species, ozone depletion, rainforest destruction. Perhaps this latest human struggle, is life trying to balance itself?

Just a few short months ago, global climate change and replenishing the trees were the hot topics, terrorist attacks and holy wars, country versus country, race versus race. Now here we are, in the midst of a global pandemic, that has killed thousands, sickened hundreds of thousands and has effectively shut down the world. The wars, the immigration, the political shouting matches over a child’s opinion in the global climate change debate.

Now, we are shut in as a country, grieving as a country, trying to survive as a country, as a world, as one race. Nature has swept in and kicked our asses, from ocean to ocean. If we ignore this warning, what comes next?

Whatever God you believe in, whatever religion, or none at all, I know you all believe in balance. It’s far past time to listen to what the earth is telling us. It’s time for action, from shore to shore, people to people. Wake up and pay attention. We are not safe from this virus, from this threat, from nature itself.

All of our technology, all of the science, the labs, the doctors, the people trained to handle and foresee exactly this type of event, failed us. FAILED. The Black Plague happened. The Flu Epidemic happened. Small pox, polio, mumps, Scarlett fever, etc etc. Why did we grow complacent and believe that we had beat it all? Why were we not prepared for the next one?


America, the great, was no more prepared than Africa.

Shameful. But do we learn from this and work towards a common goal?

I sure hope so, because nature has had enough of our ways.

Why haven’t we ?

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