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Several years ago, I stumbled across a horror podcast called "The NoSleep" podcast, which is produced by David Cummings. I have spent countless late nights in my bed, listening to this fantastic team of voice actors give amazing performances of so many creepy and horrifying tales. You can listen free to the first hour or so of the show, usually 2-3 stories, which runs about an hour and 10 minutes on average. For a small price, you can become a season pass holder and listen to the full episodes which run between two and two and a half hours. This is a full production company, with actors, editors, and their own music composer. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone that loves the dark and uncomfortable things in life.

Next on my list is Soren Narnia and his podcast, "Knifepoint Horror". This podcast is a much more intimate experience. Picture an old friend that drops by on his travels, you greet him with a cup of hot tea, guide him to your roaring fire and ask him what's new. He sips his tea first, thoughtfully, and levels his gaze into the roaring blaze. You sit back, and he begins his story. This is Knifepoint Horror, this is an old friend that we let in our home and sit enthralled as his mellow voice weaves tales of the unexplained, the weird, the dark and disturbing things that he has encountered on his travels.

He takes you with him on his journey; you can feel yourself immersed in the tale, scarcely daring to breathe while he describes the feeling of terror that crept slowly up his spine as he watched the unthinkable, the unimaginable, unfold. Just my feelings, of course, but I absolutely love this podcast. Soren is also the author for most of the stories told on the podcast, as well as a published author on Amazon. I was lucky enough to just win a giveaway that he hosted on the podcast and received a copy of his latest book, "Town with a Tranquil Name". Soren is one of the best authors and narrators that I have the pleasure of knowing and he is also one of the most underrated authors out there.

"Knifepoint Horror" does not appear as regular as "The NoSleep" podcast does, but if you are new to this podcast, there are plenty of stories out there to keep you intrigued, more than 60 episodes at last count. You can also support Soren on Patreon for $3.00 per future episode. Small price indeed for the amazing skills of this storyteller.

Another favorite podcast of mine is “Creepy” produced by Jon Grilz. It’s a great collection of stories and creepy pastas found on Reddit or submitted by various author and each one will give you the chills, goosebumps or at least the “WTF” face. The stories run from 10 minutes to sometimes 40 minutes long. Jon does a great job narrating them and works with a great cast of fellow narrators and voice actors from other pod casts. There have been quite a few bonus episodes of longer stories, and audio books for the Patreon members as well as the free podcast which only adds value to this long-running show.

Jon also works closely with the SCP podcast, another great horror podcast that takes on an intriguing mystery aspect by creating stories that are told from a classified file perspective. Both “Creepy” and the “SCP Archives” were created by The Bloody Disgusting Podcast network. You can find both of these podcasts on ITunes and support both at Patreon. Both have several tiers of support that offer some nice rewards. Check them out and let me know what you think.

I am always on the lookout for a good horror podcast. What are some of your favorites?

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