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Rachel Schommer Reviews: 5.13.24

If you've been on the internet, you've experienced a troll in some capacity. If you're here, you likely also have intrusive thoughts. Today's review weds the two in a delicious concoction of revenge.


BLUEJAY by Megan Stockton

1. Internet trolls suck, right? We can all agree they’re the absolute worst.

2. Imagine the revenge you’d like to exact on someone who unnecessarily and rudely thinks your posts cannot go without their incredibly rude and absolutely unnecessary opinion.

3. Feel relief when someone else writes the ultimate comeuppance. You know, the kind of thoughts you only want to think in the safety of the very darkest depths of the back of your mind.

4. If the first 3 feel like something you could get down with, read Bluejay 😊

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