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This week I wanted to highlight two books from Eerie River. I was asked to read early for blurbs, and I loved both stories so much that the blurbs were both an honor and a privilege.

I hope you will check them out and add them to your TBR today!



By Drew Starling

“NOTHUS is a beautifully written but horrific tale of a small towns' renewed fight against ancient evil that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Starling does not disappoint in his follow-up to SENTINEL” – Candace Nola, author of BISHOP



It's been four months since tragedy rocked the rural hamlet of Bensalem, Virginia, and Sheriff Cheryl McNamara has vowed to uncover the truth about her town's dark history. Her big break comes from an unexpected source: her teenage daughter Skylar, whose fascination with the occult leads to a remarkable discovery.

But a new evil rises, and tragedy strikes again. When the true form of the terror plaguing Bensalem for centuries is revealed, it is young Skylar who must face not only the Nothus, but also the centuries-old secrets behind it.

The epic conclusion to the critically acclaimed, bestselling novel SENTINEL.

Order Here:



By Shelly Campbell

“Gulf reads like a fever dream, where the pull of the darkness is all-consuming and screaming into the void is only the beginning. Deeply disturbing and unsettling, be careful not to lose yourself in the Gulf.” -Candace Nola, author of BISHOP.


A lonely teen discovers a new door in his family's old summer cottage and unknowingly opens a portal to a terrifying world.

All my life they told me monsters weren't real. They were dead wrong. Hello. My name is David Rawlingson Junior and I’ve accidentally opened a door into Hell.

When my brothers and I found the locked door to the newly built extension on our rental cottage, the race to find the key was on. Little did I know that exploring the room beyond would create a bridge to countless alternate realities where humans have been eradicated. Ravenous creatures stalk the night, and they want nothing more than to get onto my side and feast.

But time is running out. I can’t get the bridge to break, and the more time I spend on the wrong side of the door digging for clues, the more I fade in my world.

Whatever these creatures are, I’m the only thing in their way. Shit.




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