Post 2: Shameless Promoting and other necessary information

Hello again-as if my posts are not awkward and uncomfortable enough, it is time to do some shameless promoting and to also share some important information with you. Read on, if you will.

Read Breach. Review Breach. Read Breach again.
Read my upcoming posts here or on

Read your favorite authors.

Hell, read my favorite authors: Stephen King, Bentley Little, Peter Straub, Blake Crouch, Matt Shaw, Jeff Strand, April Taylor, Soren Narnia, to name a few.

Just Read.

No time to read?

Prefer a podcast? “The No Sleep podcast”, “Creepy” and “Knifepoint Horror” are my top three choices. Great stories, talented voice actors. Fear and darkness everywhere.

Upcoming Projects:

Hank Flynn-a novel of the dark and demonic.

Back to the Breach (the sequel-working title)

Possibly a short story collection by the end of 2020, if time allows.

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