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Releases you might have missed...

From Christina Critiques: There are a million and one memes clogging our Facebook feeds everyday. Let me help you shift through the insanity for some bangers that you may have missed! THERE ARE A TON MORE! These were the ones I had my eyes on this past week. (Others will be reviewed in the coming weeks so I wanted to feature different ones).

DOUBLE FEATURE VOL. 1 - Brian Berry and Jonathan Tripp (Indie published).

Double Feature Vol. 1 is the first in the series to present two books that are inspired by the double feature shows at drive-in's, theaters or on late night television. There is even a host, of sorts, called The Melting Man.

*Flesh Eaters from Hell by Jonathan Tripp

*Raptornator by Brian G. Berry.

Get it on Amazon!

GAME OVER by Eve L. Fell

Paul has it all. A good job, health, a nice house and money. He becomes greedy and wants more. Up for a promotion and in competition with his co-worker Billy, he decides Billy isn't worthy of such a promotion. There is an underground virtual reality game that may help him snag the promotion. This is music to Paul's ears and he decides to play the game.

Get it on Amazon.

INTO PAINFREAK: A Journey of Decadence and Debauchery - Edited by Gerard Houarner (Evil Cookie Publishing).

Featuring all new stories from some of the top authors in modern horror and includes an all-new novella from Edward Lee!This book takes us deep, deep into the bowels of Painfreak, the traveling club that arises out of the dark and calls to those seeking the ultimate in pleasure and pain. If you wear the invisible mark of the bone on your hand, then enter through the door. Many come to experience the ultimate in decadence and debauchery. And many get lost in a labyrinth filled with depraved sex, beautiful death, and wonderfully horrible sights. You've been given the mark, now step into the heart of…PAINFREAK.

Get it on Amazon.

NIGHTSHIFTERS: A Splatter Slasher Novella - Harrison Phillips (Ind. published).

Supalux was the world's largest manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting solutions. Year upon year, sales had grown exponentially. Share prices were through the roof.

Pete was just one of the regular workers, dreaming about the possibility of attaining some kind of a promotion. When he is offered the position of night shift supervisor, he jumps at the chance.

It's not a particularly difficult job. All he needs to do is make sure that everybody gets on with their work. He needs to make sure that everybody is safe. He needs to make sure that nobody dies...

Unfortunately for Pete, that might be taken out of his hands entirely...

Get it on Amazon.

FERAL (Werewolf Book 3) - Matthew Cash (Burdizzo Books).

The events which killed dozens of people and put the word 'werewolf' on people's lips have been covered up. Deaths blamed on gang warfare, drugs and costumes.

A secret operation is in process to make sure that the truth about what happened in Boxford stays buried. But somethings refuse to lie down and be still. There are perpetual loose ends that continue to multiply and carry on a legacy that began well before the Second World War.

Like FUR, this is not a tale about werewolves. It's a tale about survival and the measures that people will go to for the people they love.

Godless releases:

WE’RE HERE: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Horror - Various Authors (Gloom House Publishing)

THE SHROUDED TOME: Ten Forgotten Fables - Ronald Kelly (D&T Publishing)

RAZOR BLADE IN THE FUN SIZED CANDY: A Horror Comedy Anthology - Edited by Paul Lubaczewski (St. Rooster)

HOUSE OF ROT - Danger Slater (Tenebrous Press)

EAT - Ayralea Lander

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