It’s getting quiet outside, and quieter still every day that passes. Traffic drifts by, slower now, no longer the road rage filled rush hour of the masses. Going to and from work, the daily grind, the city hustle and bustle. No more smog filled air full of harsh fumes and toxic gasses.

The children are gone, almost nowhere to be seen, small voices barely being heard from within nearby homes. Schools stand empty, as do their playgrounds and parks. The little ones, the vulnerable ones, being hidden away inside homes, houses and apartments.

The small businesses, now shuttered with hopeful “see you soon” messages posted on locked doors. Shopping plazas, cinemas and malls are like ghost towns, empty except for a random plastic bag blowing across the parking lot, a lone tumbleweed in an old Western town.

Yes, if you venture out, there’s still a few to be seen. Grocery getters, delivery drivers, those born to be outsiders, they exist in small numbers and can be found, doing their part to keep the world going round. Stocking store shelves, delivering food, driving supply trucks on lonely routes. These are the workers that we need, that we must expose, that we depend on in droves.

The doctors, the nurses, the home health aides and elderly care givers, move unseen behind masks and gowns, silent workers in silent towns. Working hours that the masses cannot fathom, all to keep the sick from becoming sicker, to save the ones they can, to try to comfort those they cannot. These are the leaders, the heroes of now. They work and they battle and they fight the disease, this virus that is bringing the world to its knees.

The families of those that have perished, sit alone in silence, how can we stand this? To not be able, nor allowed to say goodbye. To not be able to hug a spouse, a parent, a child. To not mourn like we used to do, to not have that one final view. The pain that they live with, how can they bear this? Not a friend can come by, to help dry their eyes, to sit and share silence or to say “I remember when...”.

Bear it they must, as do we all. If we mean to survive this, then together we stand, six feet apart, unable to touch hands. If that is the way, then so shall it be. Unite, we must, in order to stand. To survive, to protect, our young and our old. We must all stand as one, together but six feet apart and say loudly that we commit to our part.

Inside our houses, we wait for good news. We teach our young, we care for the old, we work on laptops, devices and phones. We wait and adhere the best way we can, our commitment to this is the only way we stand.

My fellow Americans, no, my fellow human beings, do you not see? This is simply not about you or me, but the fate of us all, city and town, countries all over, the whole world around. The silence is growing, louder and louder still. Will it be deafening before we take heed?

Take heart, my neighbors, show your goodwill, but please do it from the inside of your window sill.

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