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The Dark Dozen continues!

Greetings fellow readers, fans, friends, and family. We are back after a short leave. I can report that my back surgery was a success, per my surgeon! Real results remain to be seen and I plan on remaining hopeful that I will be pain free for a very long time to come. I am recovering pretty well after 4 days in the hospital. The trip home was painful but I came home to a full house ready to wait on my every need! I have a hospital bed set up quite comfortably in my living room, my mom hovering nearby for food, snacks, and blanket requests. The rest of the family hovers around, poking at my incision, prodding various bruises and waiting to see how high my pain medicine makes me. Of course, they lost interest after a few days and I was left to my bed, my naps and my horror. All joking aside, everyone has been very helpful and very supportive and I am recovering fairly well. The pain lessens each day and I can feel myself getting a bit stronger every time I stand up.

I apologize that we had to skip a week of the Dark Dozen but we are back with week 3 and author Dan Soule! Week 2 was very well-received and I hope many of you have checked out the Knifepoint Horror podcast and found it as pleasing as I have. I did receive quite a few emails and messages about the interview with Soren Narnia which also exposed me to two new podcasts that I had not yet found, "Sibling Horror", which Soren narrates a bit for and "The Wrong Station". I am eager to check out both of these and will update you all later this week on my thoughts. If any of you have a podcast that you would like me to check out and review for the site, just drop a comment below.

I am very pleased with the direction this website is going and how it's grown. Being able to run this interview series has been very insightful and exciting for me on a couple of levels, both as a reader, and as a writer. Having a sneak peek into the minds of some of my favorite authors has been great and each one has had such different answers so it really kept things interesting. I plan on building a bit more off the Dark Dozen series by gathering the movies mentioned in the Darkest Movie watched question and having a movie marathon with my family and some friends over Halloween weekend after which I will post our thoughts on our favorites and why. In the same theme, I want to read any novels mentioned in the Darkest novel question, that I have already not read and again post on my favorite ones and rank them. I plan on doing another whole series of Dark Dozen interviews and Spotlights in the spring and I hope to gather another great group of authors and podcasts for that series. So again, if you want to suggest an author or podcast for that series, please drop a comment below.

In writing news, the sequel to Breach progresses slower than I had hoped due to the surgery and prior back pain issues but I still hope to have it published by the end of the year. I am looking for a few new beta-readers that can help out with the proofreading process. Please email me if you would be interested in joining that team. Anyone that does will receive a free signed paperback copy once it is published. There are a couple of short stories in my head that I plan to write while the sequel is being proofread and those might be published just a free collection that you can order directly from the website. Next up, Hank Flynn will continue in the spring with an expected Halloween release next year, because Halloween would be ideal for this particular novel. I'll keep you updated on that project as it continues.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by, for pulling up that chair in the dark corner and for being uncomfortable with me as I deal with surgeons, scalpels, blood and pain. Stay Tuned. Stay Safe. Stay Uncomfortable.

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