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They walk...Again!

Good evening friends, ghouls and boils. Another uncomfortably dark night lies ahead, how will you spend it? I’m going to spend it in the company of zombies!

Yes! Those murderous, just risen from the dead, grotesque fiends from hell! Zombies are a favorite night terror of mine and I often find myself reading about them or squirming on a couch at a gore filled film where the dead walk and their heads pop like overripe pumpkins after Halloween.

Gray decomposing flesh peeling from broken bones and cracked rib cages. Eyes trailing from their optic nerve dangling on sunken cheeks. Filth covered funeral suits and dresses, damp earth and maggots still clinging to them as they shuffle through the night. The terror you might feel at such a sight, would it turn to humor if they really did shuffle?

What if they sprinted after you! Chasing you down like an Olympic sprinter, hurdling whatever gets in their way, because they only have one focus, food. And tonight, you just happen to be the main course! Could you outrun a sprinting meat suit that feels no pain? That never runs out of breath? That can just chase you, relentlessly, until you trip and fall? Because you will trip and fall, it’s in the rules. Have you never seen a horror movie?

Have any of you really given any thought to such a hellish situation suddenly becoming real? How would you survive? What action would you take to stay alive? Is there a safe place you could go? Are there family or friends that would join you there? Do you have an underground bunker all prepped for action?

Bunkers. Man, I love a well-designed bunker. I’ve seen several styles on TV and in books. I’ve read blueprints, news articles and have watched documentaries detailing some of the most amazing bunkers I’ve ever seen, let alone, thought possible. Being the introvert that I am, I’d happily live in a bunker.

The very thought puts the happiest feeling in my body and a goofy grin on my face. If I ever get rich or win the jackpot, you can bet your ass that I’ll be building a bunker, somewhere. Anyone have a good bunker for sale?

Speaking of doomsday and prepping, so who’s ready for this current outbreak to spread? Coronavirus. Swiftly starting to spread in the US. Are you paying attention? I hope so, because it is always worse than what the media tells us. Will this reach epidemic proportions? No idea. Will it wipe out more people than the Influenza epidemic of 1918 or the Black Plague from the mid 1300's? No clue.

But tell me, are you prepared? What are you doing to stay a little bit healthier? To keep your family a little more protected? What if some industries run low on production? Do you have the basics on hand? Clean water, cleaning supplies and sanitary products? Medicines? First Aid?

I‘m certainly not in panic mode, but I did spend an afternoon stocking up on basic needs, taking inventory of what I have and what we might need to shelter in place for a few weeks. I’d rather be safe than sorry. I’d also rather have my ice cream in stock than survive a quarantine without it! Just a thought.

Anyway. Zombies and the Coronavirus. Two scary things that we should be prepared for, just in case. That being said, I’m going back to my zombie movie. You have my permission to turn the lights back on, put the chair away and make a supply run. Hopefully, I’ll see you here next week. Happy, healthy and uncomfortable.

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