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Today, I'm talking to you.... Bad times for everyone right now, dark and uncomfortable to be sure.

Is this your house ? Does it feel like it? Being isolated from friends, family and the world? Forced isolation or voluntary? Are you working from home or were you laid off for the duration? No matter what the situation is in your household, it's a dire global situation. No one should be taking this lightly. No One.

Humor can be found, yes, as it should be. Humor can go a long way towards alleviating stress. We all need the laughs, especially in hard times. That being said, I'm not here to talk about the virus tonight, or the TP shortages, or my stir crazy kids. I'm here to discuss something else tonight. You.

Yes, you. Humanity. Look in a mirror, look around you, each of you, each one of us, belongs to one race right now. The Human Race. Time and time again, when disaster strikes, humanity rises up, clears a path, shoulders the weight and we forge ahead, as one. We will do so again. It's not very often in a lifetime that we get to witness the greatness of humanity as one. The inspiration that comes out of every state, every country, every neighborhood around the globe, the sheer volume of donations that are made, both in time and money, the messages of hope that get sent out, the pictures that go viral as it captures a moment so pure and uplifting that there simply are not words to explain it. You. Humanity at its best, in tragedy, in despair, in desparation.

For instance, how many of you know that over 22,000 Covid-19 fundraisers have been started on GoFundMe just in the last few weeks and those have raised more than $40 million dollars in assistance to help those in need? This is inspiring, this is hope, this is what being part of humanity is about.

Anyone been on Facebook lately? Post after post to remind us to thank those on the front lines, not just medical workers, but the truckers supplying our stores, the factory and production plant workers making our goods, the farmers still getting up at 4am every day, to supply our food, all of the retail workers stocking shelves, and delivery drivers bringing food. Those workers have families, children and elderly parents, that they are choosing to distance themselves from, in order to keep working for us. That's right, For Us, not just for a paycheck.

There are doctors and nurses CHOOSING to not go home while they are at risk of exposure, so they do not carry the virus home to their loved ones. Many choosing to live in their basements, or garages, cheap motels, or are simply just staying at the hospital for the duration. They are choosing to not see their loved ones while they are caring for ours, to keep from spreading the disease. That is what a decent and responsible person does, they make the hard choice for the sake of the greater good.

There are neighbors on every street offering to make free lunches for kids, pick up meals for those that are shut-in or elderly, or just calling to check in to see if anyone needs a hand. Social distancing may be intended to space us out more but if you look closely, it's bringing us closer together. It's calling on humanity to step up and take the reins, we will only get through this with the help of each other. Everyone has to do their part to lend a hand, that is the only way we endure this hardship, that is how we survive, as a team, as one people, in a global fight.

That being said, I thank everyone that is doing anything to help this cause. I thank the medical workers, the truckers, the factory workers, the farmers, the military branches, and all of those neighbors helping along the way. You are outstanding. You are hope. You are inspiration to us all.

Humanity never fails in the throes of darkness, why do we fail each other in the light? Let's come out of this better, and stronger than we were.

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