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Uncomfortably Dark Horror Presents....

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The Dark Dozen interview series begins next Saturday, August 29! Make sure you check back every Saturday for a new double feature on some of the most popular horror authors and podcasters out today. I was able to put together an incredible line-up for this series and I’m very excited about it. Several of my favorite authors and podcasts are included in this series.

It will be a double feature each Saturday, which will include the Dark Dozen interview and a special Spotlight article with more information on each author and their career or each podcast and it’s shows and creators! Using this approach, I hope to introduce you all to some of the best creators in horror!

Its been a very busy two weeks full of some great interactions and writing progress! I also came across two new podcasts to listen to, both are doing some good work. Check out the Keystone Horror podcast and This Present Darkness. I’ve heard some good stories so far and expect great things are coming from these shows. Make sure to add them to your list today!

Also, you will see a new button on my home page, Buy Me a Coffee. This is a fun little link that will take you to a donation page where you can show your support for my writing, my website and my content, for a donation equal to a cup of coffee. It is a one-time donation, not a recurring fee, and it’s managed by a secure payment system.

The donation is $4.00 and it gives you the option to buy me 1, 3, or 5 cups of coffee. If you enjoy the page, won’t you consider buying me a cup of coffee?

All proceeds will be used to help promote my website and my writing, maintain the website and help offsite other writing and publishing fees.

I hope to see you all back here Saturday to kick off the Dark Dozen Series! Until then, stay safe, stay tuned, stay uncomfortable!

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