....with liberty and justice for all.

My fellow humans, some of you are missing the point of the civil unrest currently happening around the world, in fact, millions of you are missing the point. I’m tired. It’s been a long two weeks, full of heartbreak and sadness. I’ve been so disappointed watching the Facebook feeds scroll past, so many of my friends and yes, my own family members, completely missing the point.

How can my family members be missing the point? I’ll elaborate. Hello, I’m adopted. My entire family is white, I grew up in a small white town. My family tree is full of some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet, but sadly, I am also seeing more than I would like about their true racial opinions as of late. I have black children, one daughter passes fully for white, the other two are more darker skinned and it’s clear they are from black descent. All of this allows me to have a more unique perspective on what is going on. And I’ll say it again, you are missing the point.

First, this is not purely a race war. This is not solely about the death of George Floyd. George Floyd served as the catalyst for the beginning. Hopefully, the beginning of change. Allow me to elaborate; Memorial Day weekend carried three incidents which sparked rage and protest among the black communities. In Macon, GA. on May 27, white youth pastor Christopher Keys, falsely claimed two black men of carjacking and kidnapping. This was to cover up a robbery that happened while he was at a motel, soliciting a male prostitute for sex.

In New York, Central Park on May 26, Amy Cooper calls police frantically screaming that a black man is threatening her life and the life of her dog. All because Harvard graduate Christian Cooper calmly approached her to request that she leash her dog while in The Ramble, the parks nature preserve.

In Florida, on May 23, white woman Patricia Ripley falsely claims that two black men had kidnapped her autistic son after attempting to rob her. In fact, no black men were involved in this incident at all. She had taken her autistic son to a canal and drowned him, this was the second attempt after a Good Samaritan pulled the boy from a pond hours earlier.

Let’s add Ahmaud Arbery, gunned down by two civilians while jogging on February 23, 2020. Breonna Taylor, shot 8 times in her bed, when police were serving a no knock warrant. How many of my readers can say that they were aware of all of these things? Now, how many of these things filled you with anger? Now then, enter George Floyd, brutally murdered by police and you now have a lit fuse on an already full powder keg. Enter the Black Lives Matter movement and protests rage through city after city, surpassing the United States and burning through the U.K., Germany, France and Italy. My friends, we now have a global movement that is shifting and expanding. This is now about oppression, of ALL people of color. This is about the continued glorification of Confederate soldiers and slavery. This is about centuries of people of color being victimized, abused and traumatized. This is about the constant reminders that people of color are not valued here. People of color do not enjoy the same advantages as our white and/or European descendants do. The black community is standing as one to speak up and speak out about all oppression. All minorities and groups that have been oppressed are standing up and demanding their value be noted.

Secondly, add white instigators into the protests to cause chaos, incite violence and looting and you now have peaceful protests being criminalized. Read your news, browse your Facebook feed, video after video of white males dressed all in black, burning buildings, breaking windows, and organizing looting. Yes, I said organized looting. Instigators have been showing up, breaking windows to shops and stores and car caravans and Uhauls have been seen pulling up to these places, unloading groups of people to loot and cause further damage. That is then blamed on the protestors. Are there some criminal elements or people of color taking advantage of these opportunities? Yes, of course and there always will be. Just bear in mind that many of these incidents, creating these opportunities, are being organized by instigators.

These are calculated efforts that are being planned in advance to distract, divide and deter from the original message that the protestors wish you to see. Please start paying attention to what is really going on out there. These groups have their own agendas and black protests are being hijacked for it.

Third, these protests are NOT about hating all police. They are NOT about hating all white people. It is NOT about hating the country in which we live. It is about the generations of abuse of power, of oppression and segregation. It is about being shown on a daily basis that people of color do not matter here, are not welcome here, are disposable here.

This movement is about justice for all, regardless of race, color, creed, gender, or sexual preference. All humans have worth. All humans deserve to be treated as equals in all things, equal rights to seek justice and liberty in all things. Equal right to live in the pursuit of happiness.

For those of you that ask about black on black crime. We hear you. We care. And we know better than you do how many black people are arrested and jailed daily for black on black crime. Trust me, it gets reported, it gets investigated and the guilty person usually is jailed, often for life. That is not what these protests are about, those issues are being dealt with and handled in many cases.

For those of you saying that all lives matter, you are absolutely correct. But right now, it is the lives of the oppressed that are being snuffed out by unjust police violence. Right now, those are the lives that we are demanding justice for, the unheard, the murdered, the innocent, the future generations that will need to endure this if change does not happen soon.

For the good policemen and women, we see you. We truly see you and appreciate your duty and honor to protect and serve. For those being injured in these protests, please refer to my above statements about instigators and chaos. These protestors are not all systematically attacking the police force, but yes, sadly, there will always be that 2% that aim for violence and destruction. Please know that 98% of the true protestors are trying to be peaceful and to be heard. For those of you, being injured while trying to protect and serve, I’m truly sorry. But again, right now, this movement is not about you.

This movement has been decades in the making. Generations of people, from all walks of life are no longer accepting the injustices that seem to be so widely accepted. I, for one, refuse to let it slide any longer. I will speak up and I will fight. I will fight for my son and my daughters. I will fight for yours. And I will always fight for “liberty and justice for all.” Why aren’t you ?

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