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12 Questions! 12 Authors or Pod-casters! 12 weeks of Horror!

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Oct. 24-The Dark Dozen: Pacific Obadiah

Producer of SCP Archives Podcast

Darkest Horror Movie ever watched:

Easily, “The Lodge,” from the makers of “Goodnight Mommy” it’s a gripping, thrilling, and frankly, stressful experience! It mixes isolationist horror with religious undertones for a horrifying tale about two children coming to terms with their Dad’s new girlfriend.

Darkest Horror Novel Read:

“A Scanner Darkly” by Phillip K. Dick. The story itself isn’t all that horrifying, but the telling of it is! Bob Arctor is an undercover narcotics agent, and he’s infiltrated a friend group that may be origin of a dangerous new drug called Substance D. The dystopia Bob lives in feels a little too close to home, and the POV of the story, in which Bob is both an observer, and a part of a friend group drowning in drugs, is personal, troubling, and very dark.

Darkest/ Worst Way to Die:

Solitude and entropy. Trapped in a dark well, watching time go by and decay seems pretty terrible.

Best Dark Comedy ever watched:

Oh boy, does Bojack Horseman count? That stupid horse made me bawl my goddamn eyes out.

Best Haunted House you’ve ever attended:

Honestly, I’m a huge wimp, and only recently started going to haunted houses- But one stands out. You drive about three hours of town, to where it’s just farms and silos, and there’s an old aircraft hangar. You park in an empty lot, and wait in the cold and dark for about an hour in a maze of fencing, and then you finally get into what is the most well done and terrifying haunted house ever – But there’s a bunch of arcade cabinets at the end to ease your nerves!

Cage Match between two horror villains': who do you pick and why?

Tough one! I think a matchup between Dead Space’s Necromorphs, and some cosmic deity like Shoggoth would be awesome, and the fallout from the fight between the two would be catastrophic! I *think* Necromorphs would win for sheer versatility.

Name a horror movie you personally could not finish and explain why?

“Goodnight Mommy,” by the creators of the aforementioned “The Lodge.” The movie is tense and stressful as you watch two young twins, convinced that their mother has been replaced, torture her in increasingly awful manners.

Equally, “Raw” hits all the right emotional notes for an incredibly disturbing tale. Unfortunately, as I reviewed both movies, I had to watch to completion. I’ve never watched either since.

What’s the one thing that scares you the most in this world?

The Fermi Paradox, and The Great Filter.
Many possibilities exists, such as alien life likely exists, but first they must pass obstacles that we’ve already overcome, OR ahead of us lies a great challenge that so few overcome, its rendered the galaxy seemingly lifeless.

What was the worst childhood nightmare that you remember?

I play a lot of video games, when I was younger, perhaps a little too much. I remember one dream where I was in a cabin, defending from zombies, and they *kept breaking in*. Only each time, after I was torn apart, I’d respawn just before they broke down the door, and I had to try and try again to fight, hide, or get away somehow. Think I had that nightmare for a week straight before I finally found a trap door under the rug and hid there!

 What is your favorite thing about being in the Horror industry?

Meeting other horror fans! It’s amazing to chat with people who love the genre as much as I do! Similarly, watching as the genre rapidly evolves and matures is pretty cool. I feel like it’s come from a niche to a full-fledged global favorite in the matter of years.


What made you want to become a writer/podcaster/artist in this field?

This answer is two-fold. First, I had a story to tell about my last summer with high school friends before we all left to colleges across the country. It was a scary change!

The second reason, is the podcast industry had yet to have a campy found footage show about kids at an abandoned campsite- So with the above premise, I set out to make just that!

What one piece of advice would you give to your 18 year-old self?

Keep going. You’ve had a project flop, fall apart and fail. You’ll have just as many more, but learn from each misstep and mistake. Learn, grow, keep trying. 

Bonus- in 200 words or less-tell my readers anything you want them to know about you.

This October, I’m launching THREE new shows! Be on the lookout for “Out of Place,” the relaunch of “Theatre of Tomorrow” (Halloween Edition) and an all new show written by myself and Jonathan Goldberg (Fall of the House of Sunshine), “Margaret’s Garden,” a psychedelic thriller through another world.

For information on all of these shows as they become available, subscribe to my current show, “SCP Archives” or head to our website,

You can also find me on Twitter @PacificObadiah

Performance Lighting

Spotlight On...

This week’s spotlight is on Pacific Obadiah, Showrunner and Sound designer for the SCP archives. His main duties include directing the actors, filling roles and bringing the audio and sound into one cohesive soundscape for the SCP Archives podcast. Pacific is also responsible for the many Patreon posts for the SCP Archives and takes time to keep his fans interested, engaged and coming back for more.  The Patreon tiers offer some great rewards with them and they have some awesome merchandise as well that are offered with certain tier levels. Patreon is a great way to help support the show and get some great exclusive benefits.

But Pacific is no stranger to the horror podcast industry, having worked on several shows prior to SCP, including Creepy with Jon Grilz, and The White Vault.

He also wrote, directed and edited the horror podcast, Lake Clarity, back in 2017. Pacific spends much of his time producing audio dramas with his team Midnight Disease Productions.  He is also the producer of Aftershocks, Hereafter and the Enoch Saga.

Pacific has been extra busy the last few months working on three new shows that just came out this month, just in time for Halloween! Make sure you keep an eye out for “Out of Place,” and the relaunch of “Theatre of Tomorrow” (Halloween Edition). And an all new show written by Pacific and Jonathan Goldberg (Fall of the House of Sunshine), “Margaret’s Garden,” a psychedelic thriller through another world.

You can find SCP Archives on Patreon and find Pacific at

Link to Midnight Disease is provided below.


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