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06/13/2024 The Mort Report

Mort is back this week with two more reviews. One is for a new anthology from Sinister Smile Press and the other is for a new release from Matt Vaughn.




Published by Sinister Smile Press

This is a collection of solid horror stories brought to you by Sinister Smile Press.


It’s about children. Evil little children. Unexpected, I know, but it’s a too late to call spoiler alert now.


There are three stories that just stood a little above the rest for me, though most of them would be 5 stars individually.


Joey Eats Anything by Jeff Strand has the usual brilliant humor and horror that he brings to the table. It’s a really good story to end this book, because it just takes you out of that very dark place to a funny dark place.


Beware the Hurlyburly by Brian Asman is just so damn good, because it leaves a little room for interpretation while it sounds so damn believable – like this could have been something you would actually hear in court.


What The Boys Have Been Up To by Kristopher Rufty was just daaaammmmmmmmmnnnnnnnn. I loved this, even though it might not have had the most surprising end, the way the story was structured was perfect. Well done to you, sir!


5 Stars

Order Here:



By Matthew Vaughn

This cover got me interested immediately, and when I read the blurb I was thinking MEMENTO all the way.


This story is not like the movie, in any way.


This is more like a TWILIGHT ZONE/OUTER LIMITS/BLACK MIRROR tale. Very weird and unique, but in a really good way.


Dropping on godless soon.


Solid 4 stars.

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