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Featured Home Page Promo Spots

Weekly Promo Spots to highlight your new release or book of your choice!

Contact us for weekly featured landing page promo spots for your book. First come-First Served. 6 spots per week available. Spot will run Saturday to Saturday. 

Feature includes book cover, synopsis, and links to your site and purchase site of choice. Featured books will also be listed in the weekly newsletter on Saturdays. 

Weekly spots are $10.00.

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360 Editing

Need help editing? Contact us before sending that query letter out or that first submission! Let our team of editors read your submission first for errors, content and structure. This is a paid service based on word count, with a max fee of $360. We will return your manuscript with suggested changes with regards to grammar, word repetition and sentence structure along with suggestions on how to polish and strengthen your story.

Normal turnaround time 30-45 days from scheduled start date. 

1/2 deposit due at time of scheduling. Balance due on author approval of job. 

Email me for a direct quote.

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Uncomfortably Dark Book Reviews

Books will be scheduled in the order they are requested.  Acceptance of a book is NOT a guarantee of a POSTED review. Reviews are still subject to our policy.

*We accept all horror, dark fantasy, dark crime, dark poetry, and sci-fi. 

*We do not post 1- or 2-star reviews.

*We will not review anything containing graphic child S.A.  

*UDH posts limited reviews from Nov. 15 - Jan.15 for personal time for the team. 

Reviews are posted to the Blog daily, and the authors will be tagged on social media, whenever possible. 

**We do not read or review romance or erotica of any kind, (except horrorotica).  

Rating System:

3 = Good Solid Read

4 = Great Read, Excellent Writing

5 = Superior to most other reads

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Review Requests

Please use the below form to submit your review request. Please keep in mind that we only review Indie Dark Fiction, including Fantasy, Sci-fi, Westerns and Horror. We do not review erotica or romance of any kind.

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