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03/23/2024 Uncomfortably Dark Weekly Wrap-up

Happy Saturday All! Let’s get to the updates!

EPISODES OF VIOLENCE by David Bernstein released to Godless on March 21! It will be widely available as of 3/30/2024 on Amazon in eBook and paperback! I will have limited signed copies at AuthorCon and signed copies will be available in the shop soon as I can restock after the con!

Our second release of the year, CREMATED REMAINS by M Ennenbach, is up for pre-order on Amazon! Copies have been ordered for AuthorCon and hopefully, we get them in time if the Amazon gods are kind! Mike will be there to sign copies at AuthorCon and signed copies will be available in the site shop by the end of April.

Our next two releases are beginning the edit and cover art stages, and the Dark Dozen anthology for 2024 will be announced in the coming week. Stay tuned for those announcements on the site blog or on social media!

The re-release of Brian Bowyer’s novel, OLD TOO SOON, is expected by the end of April or first week of May at the latest. We do not want this great read to be without a home for long! Updates on that will be made via the weekly blog updates, so stay tuned!

The exclusives from Candace Nola and M Ennenbach are on their way, also for all you AuthorCon attendees! Be sure to stop by the Uncomfortably Dark Table to check those out. They will not be available in the shop or on Amazon until June!

AuthorCon 3 schedule is posted on their site. Be sure to check out the programming and make a list of the readings and panels that you want to see. Candace Nola is on a panel Friday night and moderating one Saturday afternoon on Trauma in Fiction: why we write it and how it can help. M Ennenbach will be doing a reading.

Check out the event here: Authorcon III (

The Patreon is growing by leaps and bounds with content posted almost every day. We are just 3 members away from being able to offer a single annual payment for the entire year! That will include all content, all perks, free merch, and every release from Uncomfortably Dark for the year! You can join free now to test it out, then change to the annual membership as soon as it becomes available. We are hoping to be able to offer this one-time payment option at AuthorCon for anyone that joins during the convention! Join during the event to receive a free eBook download!  




Be sure to check out the HOWL Society Kickstarter! This closes on March 28, 2024. Link below!



Make sure to check out the feature spot for Chris Kestler on our home page and pick up his new book!

C. D. Kester is an author of fiction who does most of his work in the horror genre. He lives in Kingwood, Texas with his wife and two children and is working on his BA in Creative Writing. Kester is a member of the Horror Writers Association and has published a novella, The Bunker, and a novel, Chasing Demons. He has also had many stories published in anthologies, ezines, and read in podcasts and YouTube videos.

You can find his work via his Link Tree -

New Release: TRAILER PARK by C.D. Kester


Sometimes blood isn't family, and family isn't blood.

The boys at Los Hermanos Trailer Park are no strangers to a good urban legend. The legends and reality collide when they begin to notice strange activity with the supposed vampire, Val Rosen, in the trailer down the street. As times grow harder Richie, Jose, Frankie, and Roberto are getting sucked into some things that they probably shouldn't. Sometimes that's the way that it goes when you're passing the time with your brothers in the trailer park.

Purchase Trailer Park Here -





If you missed the Women in Horror Spotlights that Candace is doing on her site, click the below link to read all about some amazing ladies in the genre!


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