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"This raw exploration of the human psyche and relationships will bury deep beneath your skin. Murray takes readers through lyrically dark stories of labyrinths, rituals, sacrifices, and secrets. Dynamic and filled with compelling strangeness." -Sara Tantlinger, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Devil's Dreamland

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Blair Warner is about to become a victim of a home invasion.

And she will be forced to make an impossible decision, one that will push her far beyond the edge of sanity.

This modern re-imagining of “Sophie’s Choice” is something you wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

“Some stories make you feel good.  

This is not that story.  

Other stories give you hope.  

This is not that story.  

Others still make you appreciate the human condition.  

This is not that story either.

The Missing Stage, told with unique storytelling techniques and content, will make you despair. Then despair some more. And just when you think you've hit the bottom… 

You realize you haven't. 

Adler Tittle will take you on a journey you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy. It has darkness that will carve an unwelcome niche into your soul with an emotional chainsaw and let it fester there for a very long time. 

It is darkness in its purest form, and he'll be a guy to watch for new releases in the future. I can pretty confidently assure you of that.”- Jeffrey Caston – author of Food

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Special Alert from Raw Dog Screaming Press!!

The Donna Lynch Spoken Word Tour!

Ego Likeness co-founder and singer Donna Lynch reads from her collections of horror and dark poetry, including the Bram Stoker Award-nominated works Choking Back the Devil and Girls From the County as part of an art and travel documentary “The Road Out of the County.”

Donna has been performing across the country as singer for Ego Likeness for many years and she is an accomplished reader of poetry, but this is the first time that she has done a spoken word tour. Lynch has written a bit about why she writes and performs poetry. “As a poet I want to entertain you but I also want to make you hurt. I want you to be uncomfortable. I want you to be afraid and unsettled. And I want to do it with the smallest, most unassuming tool possible.

For the horror poet, the possibilities of creativity and villainy are endless, because if you can scare someone with ten words, imagine what you could do with ten-thousand.” When you listen to her, the weight of each word falls just so and the lines of the poem open up to draw you in. It’s a mesmerizing experience.

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Sonja Ska Reviews, 5/30/2024

The White Bishop is one of the most claustrophobic books you'll read this year. The gruesome nautical horror places you amidst a rag-tag...

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Below is a solid, fast-paced novella with relatable characters, a great use of an urban legend, and just the right amount of blood. What...

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Deep in the Canadian wilderness, there are whispers of a land where giants roam and the heads of men have been left discarded where they...

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Laurel Hightower knows how to fuck me up. Ever since reading Crossroads, I knew Hightower had a knack for burrowing into your chest and...

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Gwendolyn Kiste has a way of making frightening things beautiful with an undercurrent of melancholy that makes you want to burrito...

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Boys in the Valley is one of those rare horror books that actually made me weary of reading it in the dark. Perhaps it's because the...

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Monica Ojeda fucks me up like no one else can. She's an expert at cracking society open, unapologetically exploring taboo subjects while...

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A STORY OF SORROW: BOOK 1: OF FLESH AND BLOOD By Daniel J. Volpe I've trusted Daniel J. Volpe to take me to some pretty twisted and...

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Transmuted by Eve Harms Transmuted by Eve Harms is perfect for anyone looking for weird, visceral body horror that’s full of heart. It’s...

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The Prettiest Girl in the Grave by Kristopher Triana Considering Triana is a splatterpunk award winning author, it’s easy to think The...

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Drencrom by Hamelin Bird Cracking the spine of Drencrom by Hamelin Bird feels like free-falling into a gruesome acid trip that’s way too...

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Lovely, Dark & Deep By Megan Stockton Calling Lovely, Dark & Deep a quintessential creature feature feels both accurate and dismissive as...

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Dead Girl, Driving and Other Devastations By Carina Bissett Dead Girl, Driving and Other Devastations is visceral, violent, fierce, and...

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Thursday's review is a reminder of why Tanatarive Due continues to be one of the fiercest forces in horror. The Reformatory By Tananarive...

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This Thursday, we’re going beyond the stars. Dead Silence By S.A. Barnes Space is terrifying. Those kids that used to stare up at the...

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Sometimes horror comes from under the bed, and sometimes it comes from above. Buckle in for some cosmic terrors that will leave you...

Sonja Ska Reviews, 1/25/2024

There's truly nothing better than women who are willing to get their hands bloody. To celebrate those that are just as dangerous when it...


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