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04/27/2024 Weekly Wrap up

I hope everyone had a great week! Authorcon Wrap-up coming on my personal blog tomorrow! New story in progress starts on the Patreon tomorrow too! More details on that below!


For the publishing house, ARC's for WHERE THE DEAD DON'T DIE by Ronald J. Murray go out this week to our street team and other reviewers. Pre-order link for it will be live on May 1st and ARCs should also go up on Net Galley by May 1st! Stay tuned for those details later in the week!


My new novel SHADOW MANOR is finished. ARCs go out for blurb requests and early reviews later this week. If you are on the Patreon, then you read this as "The Dark House" as part of the Story in Progress series over the last few months. It's had a title change and cover upgrade and will be shipped to all patrons later this month prior to its release.


For the new Story in Progress, patrons can begin MOLOCH, starting tomorrow! This one is a demonic story, set in a village from long ago. Greed, corruption, and a refusal to pay their debt bring about their ruin. Moloch comes to collect.



Stock is back in store and signed copies of EPISODES OF VIOLENCE by David Bernstein, CREMATED REMAINS, DREAMWHIPSERS, BLOBERT, and BLOBERT RETURNS by M Ennenbach are all in stock. Message me direct to order or check the website tomorrow evening to order!

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