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06/20/2024 The Mort Report: There's Something in your Mouth

Today, on The Mort Report, Mort Stone reviews "There's Something in your Mouth" by Y.M. Miller.



“There’s something in your mouth,” she said.

“No, there isn’t!” I replied, but it sounded more like “Oo, ee eeng” because I shoved the entire cupcake in my mouth when I heard her coming.


That is not something from the book. It was last night when my wife caught me having a midnight snack. Of course, that was after I read this book and was gathering my thoughts on the review. And if we can be totally honest here, it was that awesome cover by Christy Aldridge that caught my eye.


As a city boy, living on the farm is as scary as to me as it must be to shove your hand into a deep, dark hole with unknown terrors inside. Sure, there’s a 50/50 chance you might look like a brave hero who conquered his fears, but there’s also a 50/50 chance you might lose your hand and look like an idiot. So, the concept of working on a farm is scary enough without adding some sadistic killer into the mix. And killing will occur in this story. Sick, psychotic, bloody murder. Did I mention this is a Splatterpunk story and it will freak you out if you aren’t into that scene?


Honest opinion–going into this, there’s always the danger of reading something that is torture porn for no other reason than to try to get under your skin. While some stories are written this way for a certain audience, it just doesn’t float my boat. And I was hovering around 4.5 stars through most of the story.

Then there was this one scene (can’t elaborate) that didn’t work for me–and it dropped my rating–mostly because I couldn’t figure out how it could be done. I won’t lie–I was disappointed.

But then…oh man, when that story pulled together at the end, that is the reason you read this kind of story. To get to that ending, to go on this dark journey, because the destination made everything worth it.


I loved the way this story concluded–and I am overlooking that one scene to push it up to 5 stars, because extreme fans need to read this one, and I highly recommend it to that specific crowd.


5 stars.

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