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2024 Artist Interview Series: Mia Dalia

For our second artist interview, we talk to the amazing Mia Dalia.

Mia Dalia is an internationally published, CWA-nominated author of all things dark, mysterious, fantastic, and strange. When she gets tired of expressing herself with words, she turns to graphic design.

She has created covers, book trailers and ads for her own work and authors like Z. Martin, Kristal Shanahan, Jeremy Eads, and others. Mia prides herself on originality of design and highly customized work that reflects the author’s vision to a tee. She is always open for commissions!


Read on to learn more about this talented author and artist and check out her work below!


Did you always want to be an artist?

I’ve always loved art, but I usually tend to express my ideas with words. This is very recent. I started making my own book covers as an alternative to the existing options, trying to do something original and come up with more custom-made solutions. Then I started making covers for others.


When did you first begin to draw and when did you start drawing horror pieces?

I work digitally. Graphic designs—I design graphics. I have very strong, very clear visual ideas and bring them to life by mixing and matching and digitally playing with images. I also play with fonts, layouts, etc.


What is your favorite thing about being an artist and what are your favorite mediums to work with?

I love the ability to express my vision (or visions of others) with more than just words, and doing it digitally gives me a way to do so.


Do you do any interior illustrations for the book or movie industry currently?

Not currently, but I have a very clear vision for a series of interior illustrations for one of my books and plan to commission it, so that it can be brought to life collaboratively.


If you could work with any author, creator, or movie director, who would it be and what would be the project? 

Guillermo Del Toro. Any project, really; the man is a visionary.


What advice would you give to other artists?

Don’t shy away from originality. I know it’s difficult to do in a market that is dedicated to sameness and repetition of “what works” but the most striking art (book covers and otherwise) has been made by breaking the mold, not using it over and over again.


Where do you hope to see yourself in five years with regards to your artwork?

I’d like for my graphic design to progress to the level of sophistication where I can take on any project and make it special and unique. And, if we’re really dreaming, it would be nice to have the sort of brand recognition where someone can look at a book and go, “That’s a Dalia cover.”

What are some of your favorite pieces or projects that you have done so far?

I really liked working on covers for Unveiling Nightmares Press. The author Z. Martin has also been a pleasure to work with. The specificity of each project provided a very satisfying challenge for me.

What are your thoughts, if any, on the use of A.I. generated art images?

Personally, I appreciate AI. I think it’s a magnificent tool. While every major technological advancement comes with naysayers, proclaiming it to be the death of what came before, in reality, video seldom kills the radio star. To avoid using AI in this day and age is the equivalent of avoiding the computer to look things up. Technology is meant to help us.

BUT I am well aware that my opinion is in the minority. Therefore, I follow the industry standard and avoid using AI-generated images.


What is your favorite thing about being in/a part of/or a fan of the Horror industry?

I’ve always been a horror fan. First, for ages as a reader and reviewer, then as an author, and now as a book cover designer. It’s a brilliant genre, but, like many things, it can get a bit formulaic.  I like to think I’m offering something different both as a writer and as a cover designer.


What other services do you offer clients?

Book covers, promotional ads, promotional videos.


What current projects are in the works that you would like to mention?

I look forward to continuing working with Unveiling Nightmares and Anuci Press. And I’m always open for commissions. Email me at I’d love to discuss your project.






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