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4-23-2024 Besonen Breakdowns

Today's breakdown is for the audiobook of "Quiet, Pretty Things" by Megan Stockton:

If you don't know who Stockton, you must not be following Indie Horror because this woman is EVERYWHERE! I had to see why she was so popular, this story wasted no time at all in answering the popularity inquiry, she is a great writer. I found myself really enjoying the first 80% or so, but as it progressed towards the ending I felt it derailed a bit and the ending felt rushed and a little anti-climactic for me. I also didn't get the resolve I was hoping for regarding two things happening in the book, but cannot go into them here without spoilers. I felt there were some really nice Horror segements in here, with one of them referencing Doubting Thomas that was absolutely brutal and stands out to me. The authenticity of the killer and how he operated, plus the research the author put into the realisticness of effects on a corpse were imperative touches that also did this one a solid. Overall, a good tale, I'm very interested to see Megan's other wares.


The audio portion of this was narrated by David Hull who really brought the book to life I thought. I couldn't help but picture Duane Jones (Ben from the original Night of the Living Dead) when listening to the narrator's voice which added in a fun dynamic for me since it is my all time favorite film!! I really loved how he did the radio segments which is one of the things that sold me for NotLD as well too, ironically enough. He did a great job with this one. I could sit and listen to him all day.

4/5 stars.



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