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Dec. 5, 2023: Author Resources, tips, and tools.

I want to continue doing these posts as I learn new things and want to share what I have found helpful during my journey with other authors, both new and established.

Some posts may not be long and involved reads, but my hope is that they each are useful in some way to someone.



Today, I want to share, or rather, reshare, one of the most valuable marketing and promoting resources that I have come across. David Gaughran is one of the most helpful people on the internet for authors, any author, especially self-published ones. He has a ton of information and free training courses on his site about all things publishing, promoting, and marketing, of which much is Amazon KDP specific.

You can check out his website here. If you find useful like I did, make sure to sign up for his blog and/or his free courses.


Free Courses:




The second resource that I use most often for promoting is Written Word media, many of you may know it as The Fussy Librarian but over the last year, they have changed many things and improved much of their offerings to help support more authors and allow for better deals.

They now offer Stacked promotions along with their other basic promotions, which allows you to reach a much higher number of readers so more bang for your buck.

You can check out Written Word and what all they offer at the links below.

Stacked Promos:

Basic Promos:

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