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Haunted Locations: Ferryhill, County Durham, UK

Welcome back to another weird Wednesday where we explore all things, freaky, creaky, and downright haunted!


The Manor House in Ferryhill, County Durham, was built in the 15th century atop an old foundation from the 14th century and is said to have been the former hunting lodge of Henry the VIII. It started out as a farmhouse (possibly farmed by monks, who allegedly built a secret tunnel, to which the entrance has never been located, from the manor house to another church nearby – or all the way to the cathedral). Throughout history, it is said to have been a convent, a courthouse, an orphanage (around the time of World War I), the primary home of the Eden family, and, since 1989, a hotel (present day – hotel, restaurant, and spa)


The ghost stories from the Manor House are so notorious that the TV show, Most Haunted, filmed a forty-five-minute episode (SE4EP6 - link at the bottom) at the Manor House, where they shut themselves inside for 24 hours.


The ghost of a woman has been sighted on the stairs, and it is said that she is searching for her baby. There are rumours of children being buried on the property from its time as an orphanage and that skeletal remains have been found. In the back gardens, there are areas where plants, and trees, won’t grow (or grow properly) allegedly due to the bodies buried in the ground. There is an old well that was filled in and covered with earth, in an attempt to plant a garden, but nothing will grow there.


In room seven, there have been multiple accounts of a large angry man standing and glaring at the guests. Lights have flickered on multiple occasions, including the top of one the lamps being thrown across the room. In the bathroom of room seven, a cleaner was pushed by an unseen source.


In room eight, the son of the owner was awakened from sleep by the sensation of a large hand around his throat, and he was thrown from the bed onto the floor. He went running downstairs, upset by the experience, and told his mother and aunt what had happened. They didn’t believe him because he had been alone in the room, but he showed them his neck that had fresh red finger marks as if he had been throttled by a large man. Years later, he is still terrified and refuses to go back into that room.


He also claims that there are ghosts of children in room six. He says they want to play with him and count one to ten and tell him to chase after them. There have been accounts, from guests, of a shadowy figure standing in the corner of the room, and the sound of a children crying in the middle of the night.


During the Most Haunted episode, they had a psychic go into the cellar, and he recounts feeling tightness in his shoulders, shortness of breath, and an overwhelming emotional sensation. He claimed to hear horse hooves walking past, a man shouting, and children screaming.

The rest of the cast went down to see what they might experience and one of them felt something touching the back of his neck, and then shortly after, the host felt something brush the back of her neck and heard a death-rattle-like gasp right next to her ear.

When the host called out to the entity of an alleged murderer, who was said to have been held at the Manor House prior to being put to death, one of the people with them starts talking in a strange voice and becomes agitated and violent. The rest of the crew restrained him and after the experience, he is drained and convinced he was possessed.


Because of how many accounts of sightings, and eerie experiences that have occurred here, and based on its alleged history, I am inclined to think it could well be haunted - and by numerous unsettled spirits!


There have been numerous accounts by the waitstaff in the restaurant of flickering lights, and cutlery and glassware flying about and since the Manor House is quite close to where my friend, Kelvin Allison, lives, I reached out to see if he had any experiences he could share:


Me: Have you ever been?

Kelvin: I’ve been there for a meal in the day, and it’s very olde world style, very quaint and quiet.

Me: Any ghosties??

Kelvin: None lol. Nice food though.


So, there you have it!


And if you ever decide to go for a meal, a day visit, or to stay the night, I would love to hear about your experience. And who knows, maybe Brandon and I will venture there one day…


As always, if you choose to go hunting, please remember the rules:




RESPECT THE RESIDENTS (especially if you are possessed by one of them!)


Be sure to watch the Most Haunted episode:


This youtuber, Dad Loves Food, went and stayed a night and recorded his experience as well:



Until next time, stay spooky and keep it creepy!






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