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Horror Happenings: DREAD from Kevin Bachar

We met Kevin Bachar recently in his interview on Uncomfortably Dark. Today, I wanted to remind everyone of his new release, DREAD, that released yesterday on November 8.

Kevin is a three-time national EMMY award-winning documentary filmmaker and WGA screenwriter. The elevated horror film he wrote - - was released through Lionsgate and is available on Hulu, Apple TV, and Amazon Prime.

If you watch National Geographic, PBS, or The Discovery Channel you’ve seen his work. He’s the idiot in the water with sharks or crawling into caves to film vampire bats. Through his journeys, he’s interviewed scientists who’ve enlightened him, heard folk tales that have frightened him, and he’s seen quite a few things that have filled him with dread.

Kevin won the 2018 Page Awards Grand Prize from Screenwriting, as well the top prize for Screencraft’s Action Thriller contest, which had creative execs from Bad Robot, The Donner’s Company, and the writer of DIEHARD, Steven de Souza, as judges.

Complimenting his writing, Kevin has lectured and given presentations at prestigious institutions such as Rutgers University, American University, and the Rubin Museum of Art. He’s also a member of the Horror Writers Association.


When asked to pitch DREAD to Uncomfortably Dark readers, this is what he said:

"As a screenwriter, we’re always giving the ‘elevator pitch’, you’re told…”Sell me your movie in a sentence or two.” So, if I had to do the same for Dread, I’d describe it as a book existing in that dark place that borders the natural world and the supernatural world. Thousands of people have gone missing out in the wild and this is a collection of tales that offer up some horrifying reasons why.

As an Emmy-award-winning National Geographic director and cinematographer, I’ve swum with sharks, climbed the peaks of mountains, and explored the darkest of forests. In DREAD, I weave together terrifying true stories from my real-life adventures with twisted fiction from the depths of my frightening imagination. I dare you to open the pages and indulge in the dark side of nature."

Pick up DREAD today:


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