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I read this story a while back, and it made me love the zombie trope again. Before I started writing, I spent almost two decades reading everything about zombies that I could get my hands on, including every take on the trope such as man-made virus gone wrong, end of days, wars that brought about mutations, etc.

You name it; I read it...but then I noticed something, a pattern. Almost every story was the same, same plot line, same type of characters, same motivations, same situations. I got bored and tired of it. It made me sad, truly sad, because the zombie storyline had been my thing for so long and I felt like it was coming to an end. Then I came across INNOCENCE ENDS.

I did not know Nik when I read this one, only had heard of his work and read a couple of his short stories. I went into this one blind. Yes, that is correct. I did not know this was going to be a zombie-style story. This is the story I might have written, if I had the idea. It has such an unexpected vibe to it, fresh characters with a nostalgic feel to them. A storyline that unfolds so masterfully, so adeptly that you are in the thick of things without realizing what is happening, but once you are there, it is such non-stop action that it leaves you breathless. This is what a zombie story should be, especially one for modern day.

For those of you that like comparisons, if Stephen King's 'The Body', meshed with 'Silent Hill' and 'Train to Busan', you might come close to a little of what this book is.

Having gotten to know Nik and hearing how the book did not get the chance it should have, being released in the heart of Covid lockdown, I wanted to help get it back out there in front of more people. There are tons of zombie lovers in the world, and I think this story will bring them out of the woodwork, wanting more, falling in love with the trope all over again, like I did.

Release Date Details:

INNOCENCE ENDS will be on Net Galley on June 5, will release on Godless on June 21, and will go wide on June 30. Join me in getting this one out there!

Look for links for Net Galley and pre-orders to drop next week on all social media!


Book Synopsis:

Six friends meet in an isolated mountain town in Northern Idaho to commemorate the fifth anniversary of a close friend's suicide. A week of hiking, spending time in nature, and bittersweet reunion soon takes a sinister turn as the friends find themselves fighting for their lives and struggling to survive.

A seemingly tranquil community bombarded by late spring storms becomes a trap filled with monsters and threats everywhere they turn. Terrifying secrets are revealed, and the survivors are left to wonder what will be left of the world outside if they can find a way to come through the gauntlet alive.

Coming Soon!

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