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Random Reviews: Short reviews from Uncomfortably Dark

My schedule as of late has not allowed me to post many reviews on the site but I'll be doing much more of my own reviews very soon now that some things are calming down for me personally.

I wanted to start with these two recent reads as I loved them both and highly recommend that you add them to your TBR, immediately, if not sooner.


Whalefall by Daniel Kraus

Whalefall is grief horror at its most heartbreaking. In what may be considered his finest work to date, Kraus draws us in to the depths of sorrow and the pit of the ocean as a young diver attempts to seek closure after the passing of his father. When a sudden Catastrophe lands Jay inside the belly of the beast, he finds himself in a battle for survival and redemption. As he struggles for every breath, he learns both acceptance and understanding, in ways he never thought possible.

5 stars for this instant classic.

Order Here:


Reformatory by Tananarive Due.

Reformatory is a spellbinding tale expertly crafted by master wordsmith Tananarive Due. Set in Jim Crow Florida, centered around a pair of siblings and a reform school steeped in cruelty and injustice, Ms. Due weaves a tale of family bonds, revenge, and justice that will have you on the edge of your seat, captivated until the very last word.

Five stars for this absolute must-read story.

Pre-Order Here:


Along the same lines, I have been honored over the last year or so to have had many talented authors ask me to blurb their work. For a new author such as myself, nothing is more surreal than these moments. Below are a few of those blurbs for some amazing books that are perfect spooky season reads. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.



“Bone-chilling, brimming with tension, raw emotion, and vivid imagery, Boatman’s Night’s Plutonian Shore is a haunting read from beginning to end. A coming-of-age tale like no other, one that I could not put down, and did not want to end.” -Candace Nola, author of Bishop

Order Here:



“Masterfully crafted cosmic horror, vivid and visceral, with dynamic characters driving the story to its epic conclusion, Donahue is quickly forging his place among the likes of John Langan, Laird Barron, and Thomas Ligotti.” –- Candace Nola, Author of Bishop, Creator of Uncomfortably Dark.

Order Here:


ARCRANIUM by Daemon Manx & Mark Towse

“Creative in both concept and delivery, Towse and Manx deliver a highly original techno horror tale of one-upmanship gone wrong.”-Candace Nola, author of Bishop.

Order Here:


BUCKET LIST BY Mark Towse & Chisto Healy

“Towse & Healy take the lovely charm of a quaint bed and breakfast, staff it with an elderly couple with peculiar tendencies, added several wayward guests, then unleashed a night of blood-soaked terror upon them. Incredibly well-written, expertly paced, and filled with perfectly plausible reasons to NOT put a bed-and-breakfast on your Bucket List.” - Candace Nola, author of Bishop.

Order Here:

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